Ant Lion Club.

Come join our new "how to" build a funnel-pit class!

Funnel-pit class

Friday, Aug. 1st, 11:45pm to Sunday, Aug. 10th, 2:30am


Bring clothes that will protect you from the dangerous alternate method: a puff of air or a slender blade of grass and fire ants.

For the young ones.

We offer an everyday daycare service.
When the young pupa's are ready to be in adult form we have homemade cocoons.
We also have a fun bug eating contest to keep the kids busy.

Since we know your carnivore:

We know you like all doodlebugs so we catch our finest doodlebugs in our homemade funnel-pit. Each funnel-like hole is approximately 2 cm in diameter and almost 2 cm deep. Just to catch the finest doodlebugs

About our hotel:

Our hotels our made in a giant sheltered sand pit, with our eating room on a river bank.

How you eat:

Since you know you eat with your "pinches" we live bugs to scare the bugs.

Not soundproof.

Since we know you don't make any noise we don't need any soundproof rooms to keep the noise out. Its all quiet 24 hours.