a nerd's journey

the new up-and-coming game for everyone 10+!

Bring out your inner NERD!

This new and exciting app from Little Bang Productions lets you become a virtual nerd. After waking up in class, you go around answering questions from multiple classes to raise your GPA. Classes include math, science and more!

Raise your GPA, make friends, and earn coins! Only $1.00!

This app was created for students ages 10+, designed to help them with school work. We also have a website http://anerdsjourney.weebly.com/ to teach students lessons. We have a FAQ section that is checked weekly for questions and the app itself is also updated with new levels regularly.

Contact us with questions!

We always put our customers first. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions about our app! Please leave questions and comments in the blog section!