My Personal Ithaca

By: Aniah Price

Just like Odyssesus is striving towards his homeland, I have goals of my own. They might seem farfetched, but they are goals nontheless.


My main goal is to attend an Ivy League university, eventually making it to Oxford (hopefully being a Rhodes scholar). I'm very dedicated to school and sometimes I get teased, but I will do whatever it takes. Odysseus will also do whatever it takes to return home to his family and kingdom.


My main obstacle would be myself. I am extremely indecisive which keeps me from making important decisions. I have plenty of support, but I just don't always believe in myself. The outside forces that previously hindered me have all but gone. Now I'm faced with getting over myself. Odysseus had to face the wrath of Poseidon and all that resulted thereafter. In a sense he had to get over himself too in order for Poseidon to forgive his indiscretions.


I've always received support from my loved ones and teachers. It's not always what I want, but they always give me what I need. A lot of people will just blow air in your face all day long t keep you happy, but I do not want that. I need my supporters to tell me when I'm out of line and help me get on the right track. Odysseus received help from Athena that he did not agree with, but ultimately helped him reach his goal of coming back home.