Romeo and Juliet



Lover of Fighting the montagues, of protecting his family, killing the montagues

Who feels Hate against montagues, Anger against, fearless

Who needs a sword for fighting, Horse for riding, dagger for fighting

Who gives loyalty to his family, hate to Montagues, death to all Montagues

Who fears the Montagues, death, loosing his family

Who would like to see Juliet, Montagues dead, his family

Resident of Verona


I chose this picture because its the main location this play takes place in and is there home. Its where all the fighting takes place in. I chose the second picture because its when Tybalt killed Mercutio. its a big part int he script. I chose the third picture because its a scene from on of the movies we watched, when romeo and juliet first met and were dancing at the party.

Tybalt Quote

Act 1, Scene 1: "What, art thou drawn among these heartless hinds?
Turn thee, Benvolio, look upon thy death."

I picked this quote because it shows that he always wants to fight. It was before Tybalt soon killed Mercutio then leading up to his death by Romeo. It is Tybalts first sentance he said in the play and Tybalt taunts him for drawing his sword