Bipolar Disorder

By: Zowie O.


Bipolar disorders are one of several medical conditions called depressive disorders

Signs and symptoms

-racing speech

-increased energy

-decreased need for sleep

-elevated mood and exaggerated optimism

-increased physical and mental activity

-excessive irritability,aggressive behavior,and impatience

-poor judgment

-reckless behavior,like excessive spending, making rash decisions,and erratic driving

-difficulty concentrating

-inflated sense of self-importance

depression signs and symptoms

-loss of interest in usual activities

-prolonged sad or irritable mood

-loss of energy or fatigue

-feelings of guilt or worthlessness

-sleeping too much or inability to sleep

-drop in grades and inability to concentrate

-inability to experience pleasure

-appetite loss or overeating

-anger,worry,and anxiety

-thoughts of death or suicide

How does it affect someone

It affect the way a person's brain functions.

How is it diagnosed

By a psychiatrist or psychologist

How is it treated

Teens with bipolar disorder will probably receive medication such as a mood stabilizer from a psychiatrist or other medical doctor.