Aiden P

Shark desciption

Sharks have a muscular slender body there top, is a dark blue, and there belly is a dim white.

They are not cute at all some people think they are cute though, they look like ugly horrible beasts they have many bones and mucles.


Sharks have the strongest substance for teeth, out of every single animal. Their teeth are also replaceable, so when they fall out they just come back. Sharks can also dislocate their jaw to, fit big animals in there mouth. When they are hunting there eyes are not very useful, so they use radars located, aroung the front of the mouths, the radars ,picks up electracle, pulses that animals give off. Their bite is 300 times stronger then ours. That is how they hunt.

Intresting facts

A dwarf shark fully grown is 15cm, and every year thousands, of sharks die from nets, and getting there fin cut off by humans. Humans also eat sharks in soup.

What they eat

Sharks eat a variatey of foods including many types of fish and baby whales and dolphins also seals. And evrey once and a while a human.

Shark habitat

Sharks live in various places including many reefs. occasionaly they are spotted, on the shore line that is when they are most dangrous.They also hang around the deep ocean

Sharks how they move

Sharks use mucels in there tail bone, to move there tail rapidily side, to side. Their slim and uniqe body, alows them to change direction extremly fast.

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