Presented by:Ashton gilmore

Actinide Metals

Did you know that the Actinide serise is much diffrent they are all radioactive, and some are not found in nature. Lets meet the family,the Actinide family is comprised of fifteen elements that start with actiniem at atamic number 89 and finish up with lawrenecium at number 103.

Lanthanide Metals

When you look at the periodic table,you will see two rows that kinda sit at the bottom. Do you know what those rows are called,Lanthanide series. There is a bunch of names for the 15 elements. Lets meet the family, The lanthaide family is comprise with 15 elements starting with lanthanum

Alkali Metals

Did you know that Alkali Metals are also cold Alkaline Metals, and on the priedoc table is first.

Alkaline-earth Metals

Did you know that Alkali Metals and, Alkaline-earth Metals,and thay are right next to echother like next door nabers

Rare-earth Metals