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Students should be sending an email home every week on friday. If you are not receiving these emails, please let me know. My cat time is required to send home a picture of their grades, missing assignments, explain the missing assignments, talk about their accomplishments, and goals for the following week.

Let me know if these are not getting to you or your email or phone number has changed.


VOCAL PACK - Saturday Event Canceled for tomorrow. 10-12. It has been cancelled.

Fall Concert

Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 6pm

700 Wildcat Lane

Junction City, KS

Concert starts at 6pm, but call time for students will be 5:15pm.

December Concert

Tuesday, Dec. 17th, 6pm

700 Wildcat Lane

Junction City, KS

Concert Attire for concerts

All students (6th-8th Grade) will be wearing black bottoms.

Can wear: Black slacks, black jeans, or black skirts.

Not allowed: Black leggings, dresses, black shorts, black sweats, or any pants or skirts with holes in them.

We are ordering polos for the kids to wear during concerts, but they must be tucked into black bottoms. However, they may not arrive by the first concert. Please make sure they have a blue or white top for the first concert. Thank you in advance.

This week in Vocal Music...

T-Shirt Order form will be pushed out to students. We are working with Mrs. Muto and we are excited to Tye Dye shirts with the7th and 8th grade kids. Stay tuned for more information. We are still contacting businesses to see if we can bring down the cost of shirts.

PLEASE, be sure to complete the t-shirt form above so we know our interest level.

Students will be working on...

6th Grade Vocal Music

  • Creating lyrics for a "Galop" which is sung in solfege.
  • Rehearse Kye, Kye Kule & Riversong
  • Start mapping out riser placements for the three different classes
  • walking on and off the risers

7th & 8th Grade Vocal Music

  • Riser placements and practicing approach and descent off the risers.
  • working harmony for "Seize the Day" measures 3-12 & 51-end
  • Working harmony for "Misty Morning" measures 29-37 all and measures 42-47
  • Cleaning the Contra and Treble Choir pieces
  • Cleaning "Riversong" run the song and keep it clean.

Vocal Pack (6th-8th Grade Selected Students)

  • Continue to clean "Cloths of Heaven" - measures 48 to the end
  • Continue work on "Dies Irae" measures 24-34 (students need to practice this at home!) also push into measures 37-61.
  • Returning pack students continue to clean "Cool Moon", "Don't Be Seen", and "The Old Mill".
  • New Pack students - PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. :) They are all doing very well under the stress this year, and just need to play a game of catch up to those that have already work on the pieces listed above.

All Classes:

Continue to progress through sight reading skills based on Do, Re, Mi melodic patterns, and working through accessible rhythmic exercises. Students also continue to grow in their tuning of a diatonic scale.

Important Events/Concert Dates

All Current Students – UNDERLINED

VOCAL PACK – Italicize

Special Group – Bold

1st Semester Events

o Tuesday, October 1st , 2019 – KCDA Treble Choir Audition MP3’s DUE
o Monday, October 7th , 2019 – KMEA Middle Level State Choir Audition MP3’s DUE

o Tuesday, October 8th , 2019 – Fall Vocal Concert – ALL CURRENT STUDENTS @ JCMS
o Wednesday, November 6th , 2019 – All City Choir Concert – Vocal PACK only @ 7pm JCHS
o Thursday, November 7th , 2019 – North Central District Middle Level Choir – Entries DUE
o Thursday, December 12th , 2019 - North Central District Elementary Choir – Entries Due

o Tuesday, December 17th , 2019 – Winter Concert – ALL CURRENT STUDENTS @ JCMS

2nd Semester Events

o North Central District Middle Level Choir – (7th & 8th Only) – Concert January 18, 2020 @ JCMS
o North Central District Elementary Choir (6th Grade Only) – Concert February 1, 2020 @

o Kansas Wesleyan Middle Level Contest – February 26th , 2020 @ KWU Salina, KS
o Kansas Music Educators “Vocal Wildcat Pack” Performance – February 27th , 2020 @ 3pm @ Wichita, KS Hyatt Regency

o KMEA State Middle Level Choir – Concert February 28th , 2020 @ Wichita, KS
o KCDA State Treble Choir – Concert February 28th , 2020@ Wichita, KS
o Tuesday, March 3rd , 2020 – Spring Vocal Concert – ALL CURRENT STUDENTS @ JCMS
o Tuesday, May 12th , 2020 – Final Vocal Concert – ALL CURRENT STUDENTS @ JCMS

*All dates are contingent to change on many factors, but you will receive notice of

any changes from us when we know them.
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