Camp Wildwood Sr Leadership Team

Information for 2015-16 Seniors

We need your help beginning August, 2015

Please consider being part of our third annual Camp Wildwood Senior Leadership Team. We need self-motivating, responsible, creative, cooperative leaders to teach a lesson, chaperone a group, assist an instructor, photograph the trip's moments, plan and coordinate the evening's events, etc. while continuing to strive to be outstanding McKeel Scholars.

Camp Wildwood: Two Trips

Girls' Trip: Monday, November 16-18

Boys' Trip: Wednesday, November 18-20

  • No cost to you
  • Earn 8 Community Service Hours a day during your three days
  • Earn Community Service Hours prior to and after the trip
  • Give back to your fellow Wildcats
  • Build your Resume'

Additional Information

  • GPA 2.5 min.
  • Not above Level 1 and/or no behavior referrals for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years
  • Creative, Inventive, Responsible; positive role model
  • Application in Wildwood for Seniors Canvas "Course"-- August 1st and due August 28th; will need to submit application with cover letter and resume'
  • Recommendations--due by August 28
  • Interview--20 minute appointments begin within the following two weeks; will be scheduled once applications are submitted, first come, first served
  • Grades monitored weekly once "hired"; must maintain grades above 70%; below a 70% at 7 am November 1, student(s) will not be able to attend trip

Guaranteed to the best time of your High School career!

Any questions?

Visit 06-112 or email Miss Hurt,