FLA Parent Weekly Update

ASPIRE, DAEP, GOALS, Pathways programs

Welcome to FLA!

Hello parents and students! We are excited to meet everyone in person soon. You will receive this weekly information update from me with general information about happenings at FLA. You will receive this information from your student's teacher.

We are looking forward to working with you and your student this school year.

~Pam Luttrull, Principal

Bus Riders (ASPIRE, GOALS)

As schools reopen, students using school bus transportation services will follow revised protocols. Starting at the time when students arrive at their designated bus stop and board the school bus, the new safety and sanitizing protocols will need to be followed. REMINDER: Students eligible for transportation services must be registered through this link. SMART Tag identification cards are required to ride the bus.

You can find more information on SMART Tag here.

If you have not done so already, please be sure to register your students in order for them to ride the bus. We want them to be able to get on the bus in the afternoon. If they are not registered, they will not be able to ride the bus.

Here is the registration link:


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A Note from Nurse Z

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

It is my pleasure to be the nurse responsible for taking care of your child/children while they attend school at the Forney Learning Academy. I feel that communication is very important to keep the students healthy and safe during the school year. Please make sure that the Student Health And Emergency Contact information in Skyward is current and complete. Always feel free to speak with me about any issues that should arise.

I will be monitoring all vaccination records for accuracy and currency at the start of the year. If you have any concerns or questions regarding vaccinations please let me know.

Any medication (prescribed or over the counter) that your child will need to take daily during school hours will require a medication permission filled out. Over the counter medication taken for more than 3 days consecutively will require a Dr. order. PLEASE take all morning medication before arriving at school.

It is recommended that parents screen their students each morning before school for elevated temperature and signs of illness. If a student reports any of the symptoms below, they need to be kept home.

FISD is committed to the health and safety of all students. Students will be sent home if they exhibit any of the following symptoms, he/she may be excluded from school:

  • Temperature of 100 degrees or above

  • Diarrhea and/or vomiting

  • Red eye with discharge or crusting

  • Scaly patches on scalp

  • Intense itching with evidence of open lesions or signs/symptoms of secondary infection

  • Open, draining lesions

  • Undetermined rash

  • Any individual with an acute febrile illness or other prodromal systemic symptoms and a definite rash, regardless of cause

  • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing

  • New onset severe headache, muscle pain/aches

  • Loss of taste or smell

I am looking forward to a fabulous year. With your help, we will make it a healthy and safe year for everyone. Always feel free to speak with me about any issues that should arise via email or phone.

~Ashley Zmolik, RN

Parking Fees

-If you would like pay for parking fees on line, please contact Ms. Beene. You can contact her e-ither by email or phone. 469-762-4350 or sjbeene@forneyisd.net


ASPIRE students enter through the main south entrance. They will be met by a staff member outside in the front or in the bus lane (if they are bus riders).

Doors open at 7:05 and students are tardy at 7:35 AM. If a student is tardy, they need to check in at the main entrance and be escorted to class.

Breakfast and lunch are served daily in the cafeteria.


DAEP students enter at the south playground entrance. Doors open at 7:55 AM and students are tardy at 8:25 AM. If a student arrives after 8:25 AM, they must check in through the front office and be escorted to class.

Breakfast and lunch are served daily in the student's class.

Your student's teacher will contact weekly regarding your student's progress. All grades and attendance will be posted weekly in Skyward.

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Counselor's Corner

I am so excited to meet our new students and see our wonderful returning students!

These are Mental Health and Social-Emotional Wellbeing Considerations suggested by the CDC:

Since the school experience will be very different from before with desks far apart from each other, teachers maintaining physical distance, and the possibility of staying in the classroom for lunch, it is unlike anything your child is used to. Before school is in session, you may want to talk to your child and explain that all these steps are being taken to keep everyone safe and healthy. The list below provides actions and considerations regarding your child’s mental health and social-emotional wellbeing, as they transition to virtual or at-home learning. CDC’s Stress and Coping During the COVID-19 Pandemic provides some additional resources for you and your family.

  • Watch for and anticipate behavior changes in your child (e.g., excessive crying or irritation, excessive worry or sadness, unhealthy eating or sleeping habits, difficulty concentrating), which may be signs of your child struggling with stress and anxiety.
  • Talk with your child about how school is going and about interactions with classmates and teachers. Find out how your child is feeling and communicate that what they may be feeling is normal. You can be a role model for your child by practicing self-care:
  1. Take breaks
  2. Get plenty of sleep
  3. Exercise
  4. Eat well
  5. Stay socially connected

Please reach out to me if you believe your child is struggling and may need assistance. You may reach me at 469-762-4350 x. 18012 or email me at aeschmidt@forneyisd.net

~Amanda Schmidt, LPC

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