Republic of Benin

Culture of Republic of Benin

The People

The Republic of Benin's population of 7.25 million people grows daily by 2.9 percent. The offical language is French, which is used in government and education. Most people believe in a supreme god, and life after death. People take care of themselves by ironing and showering daily.
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Life Styles

In the Republic of Benin everyday conversation is made by many gestures and sounds. When visiting a friend, you do not notify them in advance. The guest should always be invited in to wash of the dust from the roads. When in a group, you always greet everyone individually.
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The Republic of Benin is a multiparty democracy, which includes a president. Although Benin provides profit from oil revenue, it still remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The few roads that Benin has are unpaved. Private telephones are very rare, but public telephones are increasing.
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