~Republic of the Spoon~

We are a lovable Dictatorship

You get no freedom unless its your birthday. You will need to work everyday and you can't be named Patrick. You can watch as much Television as you can as long as it is Spoon Tennis or Sponge bob. You can however choose your job.


We are snuggled underneath the American state of Texas New Mexico and Arizona. We are at the same time above the American States of Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, to Maine.


We have a humble population of 2,405,159,666 people just double of China.

Speaking of China did we mention that China and North Korea are our main allies?

Economy and Natural Resources

We have the type of Economy where we command you to do everything and you will have 2 options to choose from if we are having a good day.

We are the worlds largest producer in LOVE!!, Petroleum, Silver, Copper, Timber, Frog legs, and Natural gas and Methane gas from our many people and gassy animals. We also product the top of the line Spoons and Military resources.

Our Famous leader.

His name is Peter Powers. The inventor of the spoon and spork. We have beautiful crisp clean beaches that only the royal familys' can enjoy. We have no airports, trains, or even freedom of speech.

We speak 2 Languages! English and Spoonish which is a mix of pig examples of pig latin and gibberish.

On going conflict?

We have one of the worst conflicts people keep trying to leave this great country but as everyone who lives here knows you have three options live here in Olstaniea North Korea or die.

If your thinking about moving here just remember you must be working.

if you don't work in the first two weeks living here we will happily find you a sewage plant to work. As everyone knows we Olstanieans have a high fiber diet. We will pay you a lump sum of 25 spoonkins which amounts to 1 U.S dollars.

Major cities

This loving country is about split 50 50 for the population living in both Cities and rural environments. The capital city of Bob was established for the manufacturing of Care-bears. The second largest city is Spoontown which produces Spoons and Sporks. The other cities you should know about is Pigtail which is the largest producer of frog legs in the whole world.

So come visit and maybe even live in the most loving dictated place you will never leave. Our Loving Dictator Peter Powers approves of this message. Now remember we do dictatorship right.