Chemical Engineering

What is that?!

It's Not Just A Career

As a Chemical Engineer you'll be required to work with devising was to manufacture chemicals and products; such as gasoline, synthetic rubber, or even paper.

To be a Chemical Engineer you have to have a Bachelors degree. You must have a background in STEM and you must have taken Chemistry and/or Engineering.

The Colleges/Universities offering this degree is many with prominent ones being the A&M University in Kingsville, the University of Houston, and Texas Tech University to name a few.
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-Having the knowledge of all the elements is essential in chemistry; it's one

of the building blocks for it.

Money Talk

The median wages for a chemical engineer starts at $46.60 hourly and $96,940 annually.

Possible Risks:

There is a triad of different hazards when it comes to Chemical Engineering. Some of which include Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical hazards. These can range from corrosive substances to radioactive and flammable objects.

The possible Occupations, Specializations, and Outlook of this career

You can work at the Oil and gas industry, at a chemical development industry, or just the basic chemical manufacturing industry. Some companies looking to hire are Valero, AECOM, or even BASF.

Specializations would appear in the research and development of chemicals industry or even the gas and petroleum industry.

The Job Outlook is expected to go from 3% to 7%

Additional Info

Technologies like imbedding certain chemical in food to preserve them longer is a big thing for Tech. Also turning oil into petroleum and gas was a big invention that lead to a big boom in other technology.

Chemical Engineering is more on the theoretical side of things where you come up with systems that can help the processes of making materials easier and then some.