FEMEA Regional Honor Music Festival

Honor Choir and Orff Ensemble

New this Fall!

Students have a new opportunity to perform with an auditioned honor ensemble in the fall of 2018. Students will be selected based on All-State auditions if they choose to participate in an FEMEA Regionals Honor Music Festival. This day-long festival will allow students to work with outstanding clinicians and other high-achieving musicians from their part of the state to create a beautiful performance and improve their skills. Teachers will get to see the craft of creating the sound of an honor ensemble and take techniques and tips back to their own classrooms.

Who, What, Why, Where, When, and How?

Why Regional Honor Festivals?
  • FEMEA seeks to offer opportunities the students who are not selected for All-State due to the limited number of ensembles available in Tampa.
  • We are able to serve up to 300 more students in Florida by offering this Regional Honor Ensemble experience.

How do students get selected?

Where do I find the time?

  • Students are given music/materials needed for learning and performing on the day of the festival. No preparation is needed beforehand for students/teachers.
  • Teacher may opt out of Regionals consideration if one or more students from his/her school is selected for All-State if he/she is unable to attend both.
  • Teachers attend the festival with their students to network with colleagues, observe expert pedagogy, and support their students and families.

How much does it cost?

  • The student's family must provide transportation, food, and supervision by having one parent/guardian serve as chaperone for the one-day event. (only one chaperone per student). Non-performing children and/or additional family members are not permitted onsite until the concert.
  • The participant fee is $65.00 for each student. No fees are required for parent/chaperone or music teacher. No fees are collected for music/materials other than the participant fee. Each student is given up to 3 tickets for the concert. (chaperone does not need a ticket)

When do we find out if student is selected? How do we register our students? When is registration due?
  • Regional Ensemble lists are posted along with All-State Ensemble lists.
  • Registration and fee payment will be available online by 10/9/18
  • Registration deadline is October 17th (10/17 postmark if payment is mailed)

When is the event? What time is the Concert?

  • Northern Regional at University of Florida, Gainesville is Saturday, October 27th
  • Southern Regional at Florida Southern College, Lakeland is Saturday, November 3rd
  • Both concerts begin at 7:00 pm each will last 30 minutes.
Northern Regional Performance Venue

Northern and Southern Regional Events

Saturday, October 27

University of Florida

Northern Regional Honor Choir and Orff Ensemble

Saturday, November 3

Florida Southern College

Southern Regional Honor Choir and Orff Ensemble


9:00-9:30 Check-In

9:30-11:00 Warm-Up/Rehearsal Session 1

11:00-11:15 Break 1 (Snack & Stretch)

11:15-12:30 Rehearsal Session 2

12:30-1:30 Lunch Break

1:30-3:00 Rehearsal Session 3

3:00-3:15 Rehearsal Break

3:15-4:30 Rehearsal Session 4

4:30-5:15 Dress Rehearsal on Stage (Choir)

5:00-5:30 Dress Rehearsal on Stage (Orff)

5:15-6:30 Dinner

6:45 Doors Open

7:00 Concert Time