its all greek to me

jon scieszka

by dalton scott

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plot outline

exposition: Fred, Joe, and Sam. mt Olympus ,and school

TE:"Nice doggy, nice doggy"said Sam .The monster barked three times once with each of its three heads."A three headed dog"said Fred pulling down his Yankees cap with a giant paper eye pinned to it ."You have got to be kidding."Fred Sam and i backed up against a cold wet rock.Sam held a lyre Fred gripped his aluminum foil covered thunderbolt and i Joe had one gold spray painted plastic apple.

rising action: Joe's book smokes green and then boom. Joe ,Fred,and Sam were all in Hades.

Joe ,Fred, and Sam made Cerberus the guard dog of Hades go to sleep because Sam played his lyre and made Cerberus fall asleep.

TE:While we waited, Sam was rereading his snappy insults book for the millionth time . We had been using all of the good ones for the past month and even managed to get some in the play.Fred was pacing,trying to remember all of his two lines . And i think that's when it happened "help me out Joe, said Fred "David says, hey guys look our thunderbolts ,then your line is , hey we made those thunderbolts!"I stuffed the script back into my backpack."Cyclops Fred." said Sam, "if you had to live live by your wits you'd starve ."Fred picked up an aluminum foil covered thunder bolt and bopped Sam on the head. " Something is preying on your mind Fred but don't worry, it will starve to death." Fred swung his thunderbolt again Sam ducked Fred missed. The thunderbolt hit my backpack. Something glowed weirdly for a second inside my bag. I saw the house lights go dim i heard the first piano key get striked . our Greek play was rolling but me ,Fred, and Sam Hades!

TE: Sam strummed twinkle twinkle little star on his lyre and the dogs three heads started to drop down and the dog started to sit down. After a long soothing song me and Fred were starting to sleep to but when Sam stopped he shook us and we woke up but the dog was asleep.

climax: Sam,Joe,and Fred were at mount Olympus with all of the gods and they were trying to find the book but Typhoon came and they had to help the gods fight Typhoon and his evil monster army.

TE: About one second after Fred's thunderbolt hit the ground all Hades broke loose.The Minotaur charged. Dionysus vaulted over his horns and hung on for dear life. Poseidon pinned the Chimera's snake head tail to the ground , but its nasty goat head butted him wich sent him flying.Thunder and lightning rocked the air Sam,Fred,and I dove under the overturned throne.

Falling action: Joe,Fred,and Sam get their book back.

TE: Hestia handed me my slightly scuffed golden apple "here you'll need this." she straightened my toga with a gentle pat . "Break a leg ." She handed me the half rapped book and touched Fred's thunderbolt to it . Something sparked and glowed weirdly for a second .Then a wisp of green smoke swirled around us . "A book! Our book! Its not A book , It's THE BOOK!.

resolution: Joe,Fred,and Sam get back to school and do their play.

TE:Music washed over everyone . Gods and monsters danced arm in arm. And when it was over the lights faded black.The parents clapped and cheered,we bowed.


society vs society,Joe,Sam,and Fred loose their time traveling book because they got sent to Greek mythology not knowing how they did go to Greek mythology instead of going through time.Eventually they get to mt Olympus .Typhoon and his evil monster army attack mt Olympus and Joe,Sam,and Fred have to help the gods save mt Olympus.


if your friends are stuck in a tough situation than help out.

TE: "no you can save us." I said. "just like Orpheus put Cerberus to sleep in the play with music from his lyre." "why don't you give it a try? what have you got to loose?" Sam cradled his lyre and nervously plucked his lyre.

character analysis

protagonist's: Joe,Fred,and Sam are the protagonist's because they help out the gods save mount Olympus ,They are the "good guy's."

antagonist's: Typhoon and his evil monster army are the antagonist's because they try to attack mt Olympus and they attack the gods and Joe,Sam and Fred,Typhoon and his evil monster army are the "bad guy's."

4 facts about Greek Mythology

1.Poseidon was married to a nymph.

2.Hephaestus split open Zeus's head with an ax and inside was Athena.

3.Pandora was the first mortal woman.

4.Demeter is sometimes recognized with a package of grain in art work.

5.Hades is uncle to more than half of the gods.

Explain the role the historical setting had on the event in the story.

The story's setting is on mt Olympus. it made the perfect ! setting for Joe,Sam,and Fred to be battling monsters with the gods because the gods live on top of mount Olympus.