The Fight for Osan

The difference of war, then and now.

The Battle of Osan

The Battle of Osan was an engagement between North Korean troops, and the U.S. Army. The Main reason The United States Army even fought in the battle was because if the North Korean troops made it to Pusan (a South Korean city), North Korea would have conquered all of Korea. At the Battle of Osan the United States took a beating, the Americans were out numbered 450 to about 1000 North Koreans. Not including tanks. The men who fought in Osan were called Task Force Smith. Task Force Smith was undertrained, undergunned, and their equipment was very outdated.


Although war is war, it has changed in many ways. For example, their is a war going on that not a lot of people actually know about, it's called The War On Terror". Back then it used to be, huge wars like World War One or World War Two that everyone knew about. The style of fighting has also changed, now we use computers and hacks to fight some of the threats that arise. But before computers were used a lot it was more, violent like on D-day thousands of men died for us, nowadays they just send in like 6 or seven guys that are really good, and in my opinion is a much better way to do it because their might actually be less casualties.


Although their are many differences between the battle of Osan and the War on Terror here are some of the similarities I did manage to come up with. Even though their are many armies in today's world the United States remains the strongest and largest army out there, it has been like that since I think around World War II. Also the ranks in the Military have remained the same since the Battle of Osan.