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6 Word Memoir

I can not always win everything.

The New World Order of Mar

I woke up with a start. The last thing i could remember was a bright light and then… nothing. Nothing is what I awoke to as well, it was dark, cold, quiet, and filled with nothingness. I was terrified beyond my imagination. I wanted to cry and to go home. Somehow I knew that would be impossible. I decided against spiraling into madness with my thoughts as my only company I stood up and tried to see if i could make out anything in the darkness. I shakily stood up and realized that the ground felt like grass, i found that odd as i had been in a park before the light, and the park was always brightly lit. I fumbled around in my pockets and dug out what i suspected to be phone, however it was to no avail as it wouldn’t turn on. I shoved it back into my pocket and decided to explore what little i could.

As time went by i began to become frantic. I had run into several people, all unconscious, some were adults and others were children. My search was suddenly stopped when a bright piercing light shone through the neverending darkness. I wanted to cry, i thought i had been blinded, but the helicopter, or at least that's what it sounded like, had saved me.

Out of the quietness a large voice boomed from above, i covered my ears as i had been adjusted to the empty quietness and the new noise was painful.


My head spun through the thoughts, i was being rescued, i was being saved. But was everyone else dead? Why would it say life detected? Was my do- my thoughts were cut short as i was pushed to the ground with the weight of a net being thrown down onto me and knocking my breath out. I saw several men walk up and surround me, each carrying a large gun and several other devices i did not want to find out the uses for.
“SUBMIT TO THE REGIME OF MAR OR PREPARE TO BE ELIMINATED BY THE FORCES OF TYPHIO.” another loud voice blasted at me. I still couldn’t speak so I just nodded my head vigorously and hoped that i wouldn’t get killed.

It worked.

The net was removed and they led me to the helicopter. As soon as i was on it took off at lightning speed and suddenly everything was brighter. When we landed, not 5 minutes later, it was like we had entered a brand new world. It was dirty, dark, not nearly as much as before but definitely more so than it should be. I saw what looked like several 8 year olds pulling a trolley of coal while a group of teens to the right of me were piling the same coal into a giant furnace.

I was once again stopped from continuing my thought process as someone threw a pile of, dirty, clothes at me and mumbled something about getting changed and helping everyone else.

I had one last normal thought, this was it.

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His Heart was thumping like a drum, but his face, from long habit, was probably expressionless. He got up and moved heavily to the door. As he reached to open the door knob he realized he had left his diary open, showing the DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER written several times in large letters. WInston began to panic. Nonetheless, he pulled open the door hoping that it was just a passing neighbor.

Winston’s previously expressionless face filled with horror and fear. They were only supposed to come and get you during the night, he thought, this couldn't be real. He slammed the door shut on the Thought-Police and lunged towards the diary. No longer caring about smudging the ink he closed the diary and hurriedly shoved it under his couch cushions. It was too late for him, but he would not let them take the diary, it had to be preserved, passed on, it could help another be awakened to the horrors of Big Brothers regime.

The door splintered open as the Thought-Police broke down the door to get to him. His vision swarmed with men and he backed against the telescreen helplessly, He felt the blow from a heavy object on his head, but felt no pain as he slipped blissfully into unconsciousness.

He woke up in a dark room. No lights, no sound, not even the familiar hum of the telescreens. The only thing he knew, was that he was alone, tied up, and about to be vaporized by the thought police.

After what felt like years, but was probably no more than a few hours, a door opened letting light into the small room. Winston moved to cover his eyes but his hands were tied back, leaving him to squint. He watched as a silhouette approached him and untied his hands. He looked up at the person questioningly as he rubbed his wrists. The person pulled him up, when he finally got a good look at him, Winston realized that it was O’Brien.

“Run, they plan to vaporize you tonight,” a pair of clothes were shoved into his arms, “You’ve only got a few hours.”
Winston nodded and ran, never looking back or questioning why he was freed.

Just Like You

-Three Days Grace

I could be mean

I could be angry

You know I could be just like you

These lyrics represent Winston’s reluctance to participate in the 2 minutes of Hate. It shows that the government wants him to act like everyone else while Winston does his best to repel the efforts because he believes that there is so much more, that he could be so much more, than what the government is telling him.

I could be fake

I could be stupid

You know I could be just like you

These lyrics represent how Winston feels towards the rest of society. He feels that he can’t be the only who has seen through the lies of Big Brother and is looking down on all of those to scared to stand with him and overthrow BIg Brother and bring back the Original world with all of the freedom’s that they deserve.

You thought you were standing beside me

You were only in my way

You're wrong if you think that I'll be just like you

You thought you were there to guide me

You were only in my way

You're wrong if you think that I'll be

Just like you

This represents how he feels about Big Brother. He is supposed to feel like Big Brother is guiding him and always there for him, but that wasn’t quite the truth. Big Brother was stopping the people from bringing real peace and prosperity back to their lives. Big Brother kept them from being free and this represents Winston starting to realize everything wrong with that.

I could be cold

I could be ruthless

You know I could be just like you

These lyrics represent how Winston is beginning to feel about the government and how they handle things. He thinks it is sick to train children to turn their parents in at teh slightest mishap, or to put someone on death row for merely thinking about their own life outside of Big Brother. This represents how Winston looks at all of the people who destroy things and abuse their power just like Big Brother does.

I could be weak

I could be senseless

You know I could be just like you

These lyrics represent how Winston looks at the Proles. He knows that they are the only key to survival and over throwing Big Brother, but they are to weak and scared to even try. They have all the resources and the government doesn’t even bother using surveillance on them, which would give them more of an advantage than any party member.


On my own, cause I can't take livin' with you

I'm alone, so I won't turn out like

You want me to

These final lyrics show that Winston has seen through all the lies of the government and that he’s through with just letting things happen. He is ready to stand against the government and to bring the truth back to everyone’s eyes, no matter the consequences.

Word count (Not including lyrics) : 361