21st Century Learning - Term 3 Week 10


Numeracy Skills Framework - Have you visited the website?


Inferring Anchor Chart Idea

Poetry - My Monster poem, The Highway Man and The Raven

Alliteration - 2 new resources.

Playing With Texts - This teaching resource contains a variety of interactive activities that will engage your early years students with imaginative and informative texts.


i Tools - Lots of great interactive games.


iPad Apps

New Apps - Scribble Press a book creator app, Photo Mappo app which adds maps to photos, Moma Art Lab, Mr Glue app which gives children a wealth of stories to explore, personalise, draw, record etc. Easy Spelling Aid, which my kids LOVE! The Teacher Shake apps which are located in the Teaching Tools section. Plus some amazing Science apps, which my kids are crazy about - Crazy Machines, Gears etc.

Resources - A Variety

Kids Matter - Have you visited their website?

Also 2 other sites that are worth viewing - Students First and The Learning Potential App.

Accreditation August Update

Healthy Eating - Lunch box ideas.

Wolves - A variety of ideas.

Dinosaurs - Lots of new additions.

Sustainability - Let's Be Sustainable website - Explore "Litter Less", "Food Scraps to Compost and "APY Lands". Lots of great ideas, activities and links.

Wordles of Character -An example of wordles.

Artists Toolkit

Planet Makeover - A valuable tool.

If It Were My Country - A tool to compare countries.

Psyko Paint - Psykopaint is another fun way to manipulate & transform pictures into original works of art - free.

Primarily Peace - Lots of great teaching ideas to teach peacefulness, conflict resolution, no bullying etc.

Science - History - Geography

I mentioned this last time but this is a great, easy idea.

Adapt previous COGS-HSIE units to create a new syllabus History or Geography unit.

I have added the outcomes

Gary and the seal in the Scilly Isles


Chrome Extensions and Google Docs - Information.

Watch Kin - Paste You Tube URLs and view in a safe family environment.

TinEye Labs - This is a very simple but powerful little search tool, that enables you to hunt for images that feature a specific colour, or range of colours.

Pattern Cooler - This is a very simple but powerful little search tool, that enables you to hunt for images that feature a specific colour, or range of colours.

Snapshot Facebook

Join Snapshot Facebook today!

New Facebook links -

A Fruity Fractions Idea

Literacy Ideas Pinterest - M Burgess

Extending Numbers

Robert Kaplinsky Lessons

Short Stories to Use To Teach Values

Picture Books About Diversity

Classroom setting idea

3D Tulips - make : )

10 Grammar Mistakes - lesson.

Open Ended Fraction - task.

Maths Prompts

Chrissy Cooking - Strawberry Trees.

Templates and Master - Free to download today!

Quilling - ideas.

Inspirograph - great discussion tool.

Just Fun - Pin the Head On The Lego Man.

Periodic Videos

3d Shapes - lesson.

Free Printables

Lego - Build a lolly dispenser + other guides on this site.

Maths Shed - Place Value Shed - free printables.

Marigold Effect - Have you read this article?

Free Multiplication game.

Fraction Freebies Pinterest.

Teacher Sharing

Would you like to share your Term 1 or 2 unit or links to great sites?

Many teachers continue to amaze me with their generosity and because of this we are all richer. I believe "sharing, inspires!"

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