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Week of May 14, 2018

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RTI Update

We will meet after school on May 22nd to update RTI folders. If you have a student who is currently going through the RTI process, please make sure that your documentation of classroom interventions are completed by this date. This is not inclusive of interventions provided by coaches or interventionists. They (coaches and interventionists) will bring their documentation to this meeting as well.


All ENRICH RTI interventions and documentation needs to be entered before May 18th. If you have any questions or need help, please see Mary. It is important that all K-3 students have their information entered to create their electronic portfolio. All 3rd graders that are R2S students will have their electronic portfolios reviewed.

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After speaking with Carrie Underwood, she indicated that when students come from or leave to go to another district, there's not much that we can do because not all districts do roster verification. We may not be able to add students who are from other districts or states. Students may appear over claimed and it's okay. I am able to move forward and approve rosters and her office will 'clean up' rosters as needed.
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Beginning of Year Letter

For returning teachers, please note on your blue check out form that you will need to submit your letter to students and their families for your form to be complete.
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USC- Teacher Appreciation

The University of South Carolina College of Education and South Carolina Athletics will be having Teacher Appreciation Day at the Gamecock Football Game on October 13th.

The Gamecocks would like to thank all school teachers and staff for their hard work by offering a discounted $30 ticket to a Gamecock Football game.

The discount is available for teachers, staff, and their guests to enjoy a day at Williams-Brice Stadium. Please share with all teachers and staff:

Gamecock Football Game: October 13th vs. Texas A&M

  • Discounted $30 football ticket to the game. $25 off the regular price.
  • Cheer for the Gamecocks with a free rally towel at the game.
  • Special presentation for Teacher Appreciation Day.

Teachers and staff members can order tickets here:

Order Tickets Here

Full Link:

For more information on Gamecock Football tickets and assistance ordering Teacher Appreciation day tickets contact Blake at 803-777-7318 or via email at

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End of Year Forms- Due Dates

Teacher Self Assessment- May 21 to Odom

Green Classroom Inventory- June 1 to Hamm

Green Maintenance Form- June 1 to Hamm

Pink Math Inventory- May 21 to Christian

Blue Checkout sheet- June 1 to Odom

Blue F & P Checklist- Should have been turned in to Freeman with F & P folders on May 11

Placement Cards- May 31 to Ms. Brown

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PBIS Celebration Information from Ms. Hedgepeth

On Thursday we will have our final PBIS Celebration. This will be for students with majors, minors, or bus referrals since March 19th. Please send 3 teachers out to monitor and 1 teacher will stay inside.

For this celebration the students will have extra recess with several different stations available the students can enjoy (jump ropes, skip-its, cornhole, basketball, football, soccer and chalk, plus several others).

On Thursday please take your class to the blacktop for regular recess.

We are working on the schedule.

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The Dental Van

The Dental Van will be here for their last visit of the year on Monday, May 14 (8:00 am-1:30 pm).

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Walking Laps

Walking laps as a punishment is not supported by our district. Please do NOT give this as a consequence.
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Testing Updates and Reminders

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Staffing Update

To keep you abreast of staff transitions, here is a list of staff members who will be leaving as well as those who will be new to IDES:

Merritt Balding- Northside Elementary

Amy White- Olde Pointe Elementary

Andrew Churchill- Fort Mill School District

Martee Patton- Retirement

Lisa Brown- Retirement

Lynn Poe- Retirement

Natalee Shumate- Clover School District

Deborah Stanaland- Castle Heights Middle School

New to our staff:

Ben Oliver- PE Teacher

Emily Brodof- Classroom Teacher

Haily Jacobs- Classroom Teacher

Karen Levi- Promoted to Cafeteria Manager

Elizabeth Stewart -Speech

We are excited about the new opportunities for all of these staff members!

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Finish Strong

Please remain very tight with expectations for students. As mentioned in a data meeting earlier this year, this is the time of year when we see a drastic increase in discipline referrals. Remain consistent with students and continue to communicate with parents.
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Week at a Glance


Dental Van


SC Ready Math 3-5




2nd Grade to Riverbanks Zoo


PBIS Celebration


Volunteer Breakfast 8:30 am in the Media Center

Kindness Adventure in Cafeteria for k-2

College Day