Mrs. Friedman's Flyer

November 30, 2015

News and Announcements


  • December 3rd: Holiday Shop open from 3-4 pm.
  • December 4th: Holiday Shop with our class 1:15-1:45 pm, Yoga with Mrs. Kelly (wear comfy clothes!)
  • December 8th: Scholastic Book Orders Due. Our online code is P8RC8. Books are great gifts! If you would like to place an order as a surprise for your child, please let me know, and I can give you the books directly.

The Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled in December as follows:

  • December 16th: 1:30-3:20 pm Half Day Schedule for Students
  • December 17th: 6:00-8:00 pm, Regular Schedule for Students
  • December 18th: 8:10-12:30 am, School Closed for Student
  • December 21th: 6:00-8:00 pm, Half Day Schedule for Students
  • Signups will be available online through Sunday, December 6th.
  • The conferences are set up with a Preschool to 2nd Grade Sign Up and a 3-5 Grade Sign Up. If you have more than one child at Tatem you may need to visit both sign ups.

    Please click the links above to access the sign-up sheet.


  • Welcome to Jack Dowd, the newest member of our class! We hope that Jack and his family receive a warm welcome in Haddonfield!

  • Do you love looking at pictures of your kids? I've created a classroom album called “Mrs. Friedman's 1st Grade” where I'll be posting photos, videos and more. This will be private and only available to be viewed by any parent in this class who joins. To join the album click on this link. Since I can send more frequent pictures through this app, I will be posting less pictures in my newsletters.

  • Do you have an inexpensive extra set of headphones at home? We could use them for our iPads! Please label them with your child's name. We will use them when we practice math skills, word work, and listen to stories online with the iPads.

  • Have you ever asked your child what they did in school only to hear "nothing"? Please consider signing up for Remind text or email alerts for our classroom. I will be sending out weekly questions or table topics for you. You can sign up by following this linkor you can go to the technology tab on my eBoard.

  • Please have your child practice reading the guided reading book when it is sent home. Please send it back to school with your child the next day. For more information on the book bag, please see a copy of the letter I sent home, now posted on my eBoard.



We have now reviewed all of the letter sounds of the alphabet. We continue to review all letter sounds, especially the vowel sounds. In our next Unit, Unit 3, we are working on the consonant digraphs wh, ch, sh, th, and ck. Even though these sounds have two letters, we do not sound them out separately. We only need to use one finger to tap out each of these sounds when we see them in a word. We will review the trick words as, has, to, into, we, he, she, be, me, for, and or. I expect students to recognize all of these words by the end of the unit. Some students can already recognize these words, so they are working on spelling the words and using them in sentences. We continue to focus on capitalization, punctuation, and proper phrasing while reading and writing. Ask your child about our punctuation song! They are always asking me to sing it!

Reader's Workshop

Readers had their most exciting workshop on Monday as they got to read aloud to our ambassador dogs! Students were proud to be able to practice reading to the dogs. It gave them a gentle, loving audience while still having access to adult support if needed! We can't wait to get another opportunity to pet the dogs! It just made our day brighter!

First graders have been becoming better readers by identifying the setting of the story. Now that the setting is introduced, students are able to discuss the major elements of a story: character, setting, and main events.

Math Workshop

The mathematicians in our class will be practicing how to add and subtract on the number line, tell time to the half hour, and learn how to use frames and arrows diagrams. Frames and arrows, or chains, are diagrams that represent number sequences. These sets of numbers are ordered according to a rule. You may hear your child refer to them as frogs and lily pads. I think it is fun to use a stuffed animal jumping on the frames, or lily pads, as we learn how to use this mathematical tool!

Writer's Workshop

Our first grade writers have officially become authors! Students published their first piece, complete with a self designed cover page. They then shared this piece with the class. The writers felt special as they got to sit on the throne, share their work, and then take compliments afterwards. Students used writing terms to compliment their friends. A few examples were that students "wrote feelings words", "wrote about a small moment", or "added lots of details to their pictures and words". Please see photos below as students shared their pieces with the class. Writer's workshop is so amazing because it allows writers to write at their own pace. Some students may have many stories, and some students may only work on a couple. Some students may write long stories, while others focus on the details in their words and pictures. Some students are working on matching words and pictures, while others are focusing on interesting vocabulary and proper punctuation. You will notice other Unit 1 writing pieces on the keep home side of your child's folder this week. In our next Unit, all writers will shift from writing small moment stories about their own lives to nonfiction informational texts.

Social Studies and Science

First graders soaked in as much information as they could surrounding the events of the First Thanksgiving. I could tell that the students were listening and interested because they made connections to things they saw or learned outside of school as well! In addition to the letters our class received from a Pilgrim girl and Native American boy, our class went on virtual field trips! We went on a voyage aboard the Mayflower, and we also visited a Womponoag homesite. In Science, students continue to explore measuring with stackable Unifix cubes.