Glacier National Park Vacation

By: Luke Beall

Glacier National Park

On the first day my whole family was tired because of the long car ride to Glacier National Park in Montana. After we ate breakfast we drove up to Lake Two Medicine to hike. We hiked for almost a hour until we reached Paradise Point. Later we hiked back to our car , but on the way we saw a kayaking sign so we decided to kayak but then we realized that the kayaking place was closed so my dad said."I think we should come back tomorrow."

The following day we drove back to Tow Medicine Lake to kayak. We kayaked all day and when I got tired I secretly paddled behind me dad (who was rowing a row boat with my mom and my sister in it) and tied his rope to my kayak so he had to row twice as hard and I could sit back and relax. When we got back we were so tired we went straight to bed.

The next day was a relax day where my mom, my sister and I just stayed at the cabin for a day.

The next morning my dad, my brother, and I went white water rafting, the water was FREEZING COLD. When we got back home my whole family went out to the porch and drank Earl Grey Tea.

The Final Day

The Final Day

On the final day at Glacier National Park we went hiking up to St. Mary Falls, it was beautiful. We saw people jumping off of the bridge into the river! About an hour later we went down to McDonalds Lake to fish. When we got into the boat we realized that the wind was to strong so my dad brought us to shore we saw a young couple siting on the shore having a picnic.

After a while a man and his son came on a boat and said,"Do you want is to go get help?'

"Sure", my dad said.

So after about 10 minutes a girl and boy ,who we recognized to be the two we rented to boat from, came over in a bigger boat. They took my dad back to the other side of the lake to get the van to a bridge on the other side of the because we knew the couple got there without a boat because the only boat in the island is our which was marooned in the beach.

When we saw our van on the bridge we started trying to find a was over there. Soon we decided to ask the couple how they got there and the guy pointed and said,"There is a path in that direction."

When we got over there we we couldn't find a path then I turned around and saw him running to us, he told us he would lead the way so we followed him.

When we got to the van we were are very tired and couldn't wait to get to the cabin.