Mrs. Tuttle's CAP Class ~ Shields Elementary

September 22, 2016

Mission Statement

We, the Wizards of the CAP House, will participate in advanced level learning, have a growth mindset, and work towards BIG dreams, by following our school rules, and having fun!


  • Be prepared
  • Be respectful
  • Be Kind
  • Persevere

What's Happening??

  • 9/23 Scholastic Book Order Due

  • 9/22 Fall Pictures

  • 9/27 PTO meeting 6:30 in the library

  • 9/30 Betty Gooch 5K 5-7 pm

  • 10/13 Evening Conferences


Dear families,

Happy First Day of FALL!!

We had a great conversation this week in CAP around grading and how it should effect student performance. A student asked if an assignment they were working on was going to be graded. My response was to ask what difference it would make it was or was not? I loved seeing their reactions to my response! I then told them that "Everything is graded in CAP, but may not get a grade." I enjoyed the conversation and it may be something to talk about with at home connecting why we do certain things.

The first homework choice boards are coming home today. There is a choice board for ELA and another for MATH. Students must complete the middle "must do" activities and then choose 3 of the 6 activities on each page, so 3 ELA activities and 3 math activities for a total of 6. Assignments will always be review of objectives students should know. If there is something your child is not understanding please let me know so I can clarify at school. Homework should never take more than 40-50 minutes a night, including the 20-30 minutes of reading, and I estimate that the homework assigned should be completed within 30 minutes with the 20 minutes of reading. If homework is ever a concern please let me know. I cannot resolve an issue that I am not aware of!

5th grade parents:

  • TARDY - If your child is tardy between 8:30-8:45 please be sure to drop them off at the Lewes School. If they are arriving after 8:45, then you can drop them off at the main office and they will come straight to CAP.
  • 2-hour delays: If we have a 2-hour delay then your child will come straight to CAP. Please be sure they enter the main building.

I look forward to seeing you all next Thursday night for curriculum night. All CAP parents are asked to attend the CAP presentation instead of reporting to their homeroom.

Have a great rest of the week and wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Tuttle

Book Orders

Scholastic book orders are due tomorrow! Don't forget you can view all the catalogs and order online. Be sure to enter our class code HD44V when you order so we can earn free books. The students have given me a list of book ideas they want me to purchase so I'm hoping to use some of the points we earn through orders to start fulfilling their wish list.


I am using Signup (used to be Volunteer Spot) to organize classroom volunteers this year. Right now I am in need of band shufflers and people to take care of putting together our book orders from home. Please check out our site and volunteer if you can. Thank you!


Instead of beginning our novel, we read a few different picture books and discussed topics such as setting goals, growth mindset, making mistakes, and being OK! You can see the books we read in the pictures below.

One book we read was "Salt in His Shoes" a story about Michael Jordan. One of our favorite quotes from the book was, "Being taller may help you play a little better, but not as much as practice, determination, and giving your best will. Those are the things that make you a real winner." What a great lesson!


We practiced writing SMART goals this week.






Every student created academic, behavior, and social goals they want to reach by the end of the marking period. This week for homework, they will be creating action plans to brainstorm steps they can take to reach these goals. Part of the assignment is to also record how their parents and teacher can also help them meet their goals. During conferences, the students will be sharing their goals and action plans.

Talking Points

We participated in our first Talking Points session of the year and had a great time discussing whether we agree, disagree, or are unsure of some statements. The statements we discussed were:

  1. If somebody makes it mistake it means they're bad at something.
  2. Being perfect is a good thing.
  3. Some people are born with special talents and others are not.

The way talking points work are small groups of students go around a circle in three rounds. The first round they say if they agree, disagree, or unsure and tell why (most important part). The second round they say if they agree, disagree, or unsure and tell why, but they may change their original response based upon what somebody else said or after they thought about the statement more. The third and final round the go around and the group tally the final decisions. For this first practice, we did it in a whole group setting.

During Talking Points students are expected to think critically, reason and rationalize, listen, and be listened to. We debriefed after the activity and everybody had great things to say about how much they enjoyed the activity and how their classmates' responses really made them think about their own. You can see the results of our talking points in the picture.

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