Career Development Project

by Connor Swaim


This is a group photo of my family. I have a mom named Kim, a dad named Christian, a 8-year-old brother named Joseph, and a 6-year-old sister named Kaitlin.

The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege. - Charles Kuralt

About Me

My Multiple Intelligence and Career Cluster

My multiple intelligence is interpersonal. Some careers that match this cluster are a Social Director, a Manager, or an Administrator. The career cluster that aligns with me is education and training. Some education and training careers are a teacher or a youth leader.

It's All Good and My Future

I have an award from the president for my academic prowess (Not directly from the president). Fun and hanging out with good friends make me happy. Some things that I want to do in my lifetime are skydiving, surfing, make a video game, be on television, and meet the president.