White Pine Book Club

Starting Friday, December 1st at lunch!

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Meeting dates

All meetings are at lunch (11:45) in the room at the back of the library. Feel free to bring your lunch!

  1. Friday, December 1 (launch)
  2. Friday, December 15
  3. Friday, January 12
  4. Wednesday, January 24
  5. Thursday, February 8
  6. Friday, February 23
  7. Wednesday, February 28 * (Author visit)
  8. Friday, March 9
  9. Friday, March 23
  10. Friday, April 6
  11. Friday, April 20* (voting)

Discussion & Prizes!

Meet fellow readers and share what you think the books. Which character is the coolest?

Starting in March there will be a draw for prizes. Get a ballot for every book you read.

Voting Day

Voting Day is April 20th.

To vote you must have read at least five of the White Pine novels.

Make sure you get your passports signed by the staff sponsors!

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