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We continue to be in search of a college graduate who would like to apply for the Coloma-Watervliet AdviseMI college advisor for our students. See the job description below and please consider if you have qualifications and interest.

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Students in Art II embarked on a creativity challenge today. They were asked to create a simple self portrait with a twist. Each student had only one "art" supply to work with but these were a bit unorthodox. Material choices included a ball of yarn, a box of paper clips, a bag of pinto beans and a pile of sawdust. The class was filled with giggles as they worked to find solutions to create their portraits.

Thank you to Michele Swanson for helping to facilitate the donation of reams of huge drawing paper to the high school art program.


Students in Algebra 2 have been busy reviewing Algebra skills such as writing equations for lines and solving systems using substitution and elimination methods. This week we solved some systems and graphed the solutions to create an image. Another skill Algebra 2 has been working on is using the calculator to graph lines and describe the transformations of those lines.

In Geometry we went on a cross-country trip and found the distance that we traveled and our rest stop that was midway between our locations. Students also explained problems using flipgrid. It was great to hear everyones' voices and see their personalities.

Finance classes are using Google Sheets to create spreadsheet templates to calculate loan payments and mortgages, budget for this year and beyond, as well as investment spreadsheets to plan out their future retirement. Lots of planning via Google Sheets for the future for these kids about to meet the adult world head on.


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Students and families looking for help paying for college are encouraged to register for a Virtual College Financial Aid Night provided by Michigan Department of Treasury’s MI Student Aid team.

Participants will be able to gather information on the following financial aid topics:

  • FAFSA application information
  • Federal financial aid programs
  • State financial aid programs
  • Scholarship searching resources

All sessions are free of charge and open to the public. Please register below for the date that works best for you:

October 4, 2022 - 6:30 p.m.

October 11, 2022 - 6:30 p.m.

October 18, 2022 - 6:30 p.m.

October 25, 2022 - 6:30 p.m.

November 1, 2022 - 6:30 p.m.

November 15, 2022 - 6:30 p.m.

November 22, 2022 - 6:30 p.m.

November 29, 2022 - 6:30 p.m.

We look forward to your participation!

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Watervliet High School Students Awarded with Academic Honors from College Board National Recognition Programs

Congratulations to our own three WHS Panthers, who are among 62,000 students from across the country to earn academic honors from the College Board’s National Recognition Programs! These National Recognition Programs grant underrepresented students with academic honors that can be included on college and scholarship applications and connect students with universities across the country, helping them stand out during the admissions process. Colleges and scholarship programs use these honors to identify students from underrepresented groups through College Board’s Student Search Service.

The following students have been awarded recognition:

Kendall Molter, Senior: National Rural and Small Town Award

Nova Wise, Junior: National Rural and Small Town Award

Victoria Grzanich, Senior: National African American Recognition Award

The students listed above earned this recognition by excelling on their PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, or AP Exams and in their classrooms. Students who may be eligible have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and have excelled on the PSAT/NMSQT or PSAT 10 or earned a score of 3.0 or higher on two or more AP Exams; and are African American or Black, Hispanic American, or Latinx, Indigenous, and/or attend school in a rural area or small town. Eligible students are invited to apply during their sophomore or junior year, and are awarded at the beginning of the next school year!

CONGRATULATIONS to the 22-23 award winners!


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Pictured Here Victoria Grzanich and Nova Wise

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Each year, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation awards 150 college scholarships worth $20,000 to high school students across the United States through the Coca-Cola Scholars Program. Students need a 3.0 GPA and to fill out an online application that requires no essays, no recommendations, and no transcripts by October 31, 2022, at 5 p.m. Eastern.

We want your school to have a Coke Scholar this year!

To share the application for this $20,000 scholarship for high school seniors in your area, access the School Marketing Toolkit, which includes:

  • a printable PDF flyer
  • a selection timeline
  • a press release template
  • sample social media posts
  • photos and videos to use in your posts

If any other materials would be helpful, let us know.

The 2022-23 application is open to high school seniors until 5 p.m. Eastern on October 31, 2022.

See program details and last year's Coke Scholars.

Thank you for supporting all students at your high school in their pursuit of higher education.


Jane Hale Hopkins

President, Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

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Soccer Senior Night: October 5th.

Football Senior Night: October 21

Volleyball/Cross Country Senior Night: October 25


Friday, September 23

7:00 PM Varsity Football Home vs. Constantine

Saturday, September 24

9:00 AM MS/HS Cross Country at Bangor Invitational

Monday, September 26

5:00 PM 7th/8th grade Maroon Volleyball Home vs. Coloma

6:00 PM Varsity Boys Soccer vs. Fennville

Tuesday, Sept. 27

5:00 PM Varsity Volleyball Quad at Lawton

5:30 PM JV Volleyball at Coloma

Wednesday, September 28

5:00 PM HS Cross Country SAC Meet at Gobles

5:00 PM Freshman Volleyball Quad at Schoolcraft

5:30 Varsity Boys Soccer Home vs. Delton Kellogg

Thursday, September 29

6:00 PM JV Football at Kalamazoo United

Friday, September 30

7:00 PM Varsity Football vs. Kalamazoo United

Project “Impact Watervliet”

Project “Impact Watervliet” continues as Watervliet High School and Middle School student-athletes showed up en-mass in downtown Watervliet this afternoon to decorate the city for fall. Students placed hay bales and other decorations, festooned the light poles with corn stalks, and planted mums in the large planters on the city sidewalks. Watervliet Mayor Deah Muth, City Manager Tyler Dotson, and Athletic Director Ken Dietz were there to oversee the project.

This is the third year that Panther high school athletes have been giving back to the community through the Impact Watervliet project, and the first time that middle school students have participated. We love our community and we are proud to be Watervliet Panthers!


#37 September 15 Issue

HITS, SAVES & SETS… Watervliet's Samantha Dietz loads up for the kill in a matchup with Kalamazoo Christian's Anneliese DeJong. The sixth-ranked Panthers were in control the entire match and beat the third-ranked Comets 2-0.

(TCR photo by John Oliphant)


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Michigan Career Technical Institute Presentation

On Wednesday evening, Amanda Matthews made a presentation to parents of students with IEPs regarding opportunities at the Michigan Career Technical Institute. Below are some of the slides from that presentation. Ms. Matthews will make the same presentation to students with IEPs on October 4th during 1st hour.

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We continue to be at least a week away from sending information out to parents on how to separately access Canvas. For the time being, in order to get access to your child's grades, ask your child to log in to Canvas and show you their grades.

Informational sessions will be provided to both parents and students in the next couple of weeks.


Students in Art I and Sculpture participated in a creativity challenge today. They played a drawing game called the Exquisite Corpse. This technique was invented by surrealist artists. Each class member draws a face on a folded piece of paper. The faces drawn ranged from SpongeBob to bunnies to pumpkins. Then, with the paper folded to conceal the face, it is exchanged with a classmate for the contribution of the middle. Finally a third classmate adds the bottom. The results were some truly bizarre and hysterical mashups.


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3 and a B

In order to promote and support positive attendance at Watervliet High School, the faculty and administration are putting into place an incentive for each semester at the high school for this year.

Any student with 3 or fewer hours of absences in a class AND earning an 80% or higher at the end of the semester will; not be required to take the semester exam for that class only. Students have been made aware of this incentive via their school email. It has also been announced in our daily announcements. Please support the school and your child's education by encouraging and expecting your child to be in school every day, unless ill.

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Watervliet High School participates in this opportunity with six students currently enrolled.

Morgan Lowell, Junior

Kaden Jonjevic, Senior

Kyler Krugler, Senior

Wynter Kerr, Senior

Tristan Steltner, Senior

Jodi Prillwitz, graduated with the Class of 2022

Some EMC/WHS students pictured here (left to right) Morgan Lowell, Tristan Steltner, and Wynter Kerr.

Students participating in the EMC can get a head start on college and their career by earning an associate degree or certificate for FREE, while still in high school through the Berrien County 5th Year Early/Middle College program. Tuition, books, and fees are provided at no cost to students and families by the school district.

Students are given the opportunity to earn both a high school diploma and a college degree and/or certificate. Program participants take college classes during 11th and 12th grades, and then attend college full time during “grade 13,” or the 5th year of high school to complete the program. Students apply for the program during their sophomore year of high school.

There are several benefits to the students and their families in their participation of the EMC program.

  1. Save money. The national average cost of attending a four-year public college is more than $28,000 per year. By starting college while in high school, participants could cut college costs in half.
  2. Get a head start on a career. Whether students earn a career certificate or an associate degree, they will advance through their educational path and start their career years faster than a traditional educational program.
  3. Transition smoothly to four-year colleges. Lake Michigan College (LMC) and Southwestern Michigan College (SMC) participate in the state-wide Michigan Transfer Agreement and hasindividual transfer agreements with universities throughout Michigan and Indiana.

Participating students have access to academic support services through their high school, the 5th Year Early/Middle College Program Consultant and college support service offices.

Early/Middle Colleges are expressly designed to create more college opportunities for the underserved, underrepresented, underachieving student.

Students participating in the Early Middle College have access to the following degreed programs:

Lake Michigan College

Associate of Arts/Transfer

General Transfer (MTA)

Associate of APPLIED Science/Transfer

Criminal Justice
Engineering Tech
General Studies
Hospitality Management
Manufacturing/Machine Tool*
Computer Information* Systems (CIS)
-Applications Development
Career Certificates
Medical Assisting

*Technical Certificates Available

Southwestern Michigan College

Associate of APPLIED Science/Transfer

Automotive Technology*
Construction Trades Green Technology*
Fire Science*
Sports Management
*Technical Certificates Available
Technical Certificates

College Association (MEMCA) Certificate

Students attend classes at either their high school and also on the campuses of Lake Michigan College or Southwestern Michigan College.

Participating students are also offered support systems like the Summer College Success Bootcamp, Early/Middle College monthly cohort meetings and mentors, plus all the regular advising, tutoring, and library services from your high school, LMC and SMC will help students be successful.

Students who elect to enroll in the Berrien County 5th Year Early/Middle College commit to:

  • Attend a mandatory week-long Summer College Success Bootcamp during summer vacation.
  • Successfully complete college course work in their junior and senior years of high school and attend one additional year of high school on a college campus (in order to complete both your high school and college degree/certificate requirements).
  • Extend their high school graduation date by one school year. Students will, however, participate in commencement with their original graduating class.
  • Students will graduate from high school with a high school diploma and significant college credits, a career certificate, an associate degree or a MEMCA Certificate.

Interested families are encouraged to reach out to the Berrien County Early/Middle College Consultant,
Melissa Springsteen at the contact information below.
(269) 471-7725, ext. 3304

Students and their families may also contact Mrs. Jamie Dawson at the high school office for more information, as well.

Mrs. Springsteen makes several presentations a year to families and students at Watervliet High School regarding the benefits and process of participating in the Early Middle College.


Morgan is not yet in a specific program because she is just getting her general education courses done. Her daily schedule is pretty normal as she takes high school classes, and then her college class is onsite at the high school this semester so she does not have to travel to LMC.

Morgan likes that the EMC program is free to students and helps students get an Associates degree at no cost if all classes are passed.

Morgan is not yet sure what she will pursue after her 5th year.

Wynter is in the graphic design program at Lake Michigan College.

Her day starts the high school with an online course and personal finance. She attends LMC on Mondays and Wednesdays for her in-person introductory design course. Other than that, she has two other college classes, English 101 and art history, both online. Wynter loves the freedoms she has with this program. She has time for school and her job which is great because she is working to save money for future college/education. Wynter plans on transferring to Western and getting a degree in filmmaking after high school with her LMC degree.

Tristan is working toward his Associates Degree in Applied Science through the EMC program. He has first and second hours at the high school in the morning. On Tuesdays and Thursdays he has an in person class at LMC from 11:05 to 12:35. He also has an online class through LMC. He spends most of his time outside of school completing homework. There's a lot of it right now. He likes that he will get his associates degree one year after high school. After his 5th year he plans to go off to another college and work toward a bachelor's degree in engineering.

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I attend LMC, and am pursuing an associate's in the arts.

After my 5th year I intend to attend a 4-year university majoring in either Psychology or Marketing (or maybe even both), and this will most likely lead me to attend grad school where I hope to earn my Master's degree.

My schedule has me at the High School every morning for 1st-3rd hours and then depending on what day it is, my schedule will change. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I always grab lunch and go straight to LMC to work on coursework before my 12:55 class, and on Mondays and Wednesdays I will either go to LMC to work on course material, or go home and rest before my class at 1:50. Friday's are my off days, and I typically go home and do homework for a few hours as well.

My favorite thing about EMC, besides the ability to put myself ahead for the future, is that my schedule doesn't have me just moving from one class to another. Instead, I commute to the college where I have time to rest before each class, and on some days, don't even have to do anything and can spend my time at home doing whatever I please.

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21-22 yearbooks should be here by October if you would like to purchase yours before they get here to ensure you get one!

Please pay $45 to Ms.Marshall so she can reserve you one!


Dear Panther Family-

Check out the following schedule for Homecoming events. The Homecoming theme this year is Board Games, “Panthers Come to Play”! Each class will choose a game to be their theme for window painting, hall decorating, and float building.

Float building will begin on Saturday, September 24 and will finish on Thursday, September 29. Classes will have 28 total hours to complete their floats. Classes may divide that time as they see fit, however weeknights can be difficult for students as they have practices, games, and homework. It is suggested that classes get as much done over the weekend as they can. Classes have a budget of $400, with additional donations up to $100.

Friday, September 30 all floats should be located at the Watervliet Paper Mill site by 4:15 PM to set up for parade and judging; judging will start at 4:30 PM. Someone will be there to direct you where to park your float. The parade will start at 5:30 PM.

No parents are to touch the floats; it is the responsibility of the class advisors to monitor non-class visitors to float building sites. (Insignificant tasks like cutting sheets of tissue paper can be done by supervising adults, but not the actual plunking). If you have to help hold a board for the safety of the kids nailing it together, that’s ok, but the float must be constructed entirely by the students. Floats may be disqualified for inappropriate behavior or visiting another class’ float building site.

Floats will be judged on: Color, Creativity, Sticking to Theme, Amont of Plunking, and Overall Appearance. Each category is worth 10 points, except for plunking which is worth 5. While it is not illegal to have moving parts, be advised that this must be built solely by students, and no extra points will be awarded for movement.

Window painting will take place on Saturday, September 24 from 5PM-7PM. Classes have a $75 budget. It is better to have a small group to do window painting rather than the entire class. Classes will only paint one window, even if the building assigned has multiple windows. Window assignments are as follows:

Class of 2023: Auto Value Parts Store

Class of 2024: Ace Hardware

Class of 2025: Tri City Record

Class of 2026: Watervliet Pharmacy

When painting windows, classes should use water based paint. Windows need to be cleaned by 5 PM on Sunday, October 2.

Hall decorating can take place either Saturday, September 24 or Sunday, September 25 from 10-3. You have a budget of $75. Hall assignments are:

Class of 2023: Social Studies Hallway

Class of 2024: Math Hallway

Class of 2025: Media Center Lobby

Class of 2026: Freshman Hallway

Hall decorations must be removed by 5PM on Sunday, October 2.

Dress Up Days are as follows.

Monday: Game of Life, Dress in pink or blue

Tuesday: Connect Four, Grab a group of 4 people and dress alike

Wednesday: Uno, Each class wears a card color.





Thursday: Candyland, Dress as your favorite candy

Friday: Spirit Day, Wear your Panther gear

The Homecoming Dance will take place in the middle school gym from 9-11 on September 30. The dress code is semi-formal; no jeans or jean shorts are allowed. Dresses must be school appropriate and shoes or socks must be worn at all times. The cost of the dance is $5 to get in. Anyone who wants to bring a guest to the dance must complete a guest pass form and return it to the high school office no later than Wednesday, September 28. All guests must be 20 or younger to enter the dance. Please let your students know that anyone who crowd surfs or participates in a mosh pit will be ejected from the dance.



Juniors-Candy Land



If you have any questions, please reach out to one of us!

Your Student Council Advisors,

Teri Richcreek, Tina Tucker, and Jessica Tyler


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Freshmen: Natalaya Desjardin, Caleb Jewell

Sophomores: Susannah Weckwerth, Jorge Zuniga

Juniors: Anslie Saylor, Alexander Hicks

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Brady Bornas

Samantha Dietz

Royce Daugherty

Madison Flowers

Brodie Emery

Lillianne Lefor

Jesus Garcia

Jaylie Querfurth

Tristan Steltner

Ella Shaffer

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PSAT TESTING on Wednesday, October 12th

ALL JUNIORS will complete the PSAT test here at school on Wednesday, October 12th. SOPHOMORES have the voluntary option to take this test if they so choose on Wednesday, October 12th swell. All sophomores have been emailed a link in order to register for this test. Any Sophomore wishing to take this test should check his/her email and click on the link to register for this test. Only those students who register will be invited to participate on the day of the test. If you would like your Sophomore to take the PSAT on October 12th, encourage him/her to check email and register using the link provided. The test will run from 8:15 Am -about 1:15 PM. All sophomores and juniors will test together at the same time. We are not able to run separate testing sessions for separate students.


Michigan College Month is part of the American College Application Campaign, a national initiative with the goal to provide every graduating high school senior the opportunity to apply to college and for financial aid. Special focus is placed on assisting students who would be the first in their families to attend college and students who may not have otherwise seriously considered applying to college. Michigan College Month can open the door for students by encouraging them to take the most significant steps toward college in their senior year. Michigan College Month emphasizes the relationship between applying to and paying for college and helps break down some of the most complex and commonly cited barriers to attending college.

Expectations of Host Sites:

  • Set a goal to have 100% of your seniors complete a college application.
  • Provide dedicated space, time, and support for students to complete college applications during the school day at the school building.
  • Help students begin their FAFSA.
  • Engage underclassmen in thinking about the steps to college before their senior year.

Check out the presentation, activities and games that will take place at WHS during College Application Month 2022:


Oct 3rd Ferris State University Lunchtime visit

Oct 4th Michigan Career Technical Institute Presentation

Oct 5th Project Search Informational Night 6 PM

Oct 10th Complete College applications in Eng 12

Oct 11th Complete College applications in Eng 12

Oct 11th Southwestern Michigan College Lunchtime visit

Oct 12th PSAT for all Juniors and voluntary Sophomores

Oct 18th College Admissions Night Informational Session 6 PM

Oct 25th FAFSA/Financial Aid presentation for all Seniors in English Classes

Oct 26th FAFSA/Financial Aid Parent Presentation 6 PM

Oct 26th College Fair for all students 8:10-10:45 AM

Oct 28th Career Day Field Trip for all 9th and 10th graders

Oct 28th Building wide College Trivia Game 7th hour last 10 minutes


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Each day at the high school we recognize over the loudspeaker the names of students who are working hard and going above and beyond the call of duty in the form of our CAUGHT IN THE ACT TICKETS. It is a point of pride that we are able to do this and reward kids with individually wrapped edible treats each day when they are recognized. we depend on the donations of our parent community, local businesses, and staff to provide these treats through donation. If you are able to donate any amount of individually wrapped treats (chips, snacks, granola bars, candy, etc.) it would be much appreciated. Items can be dropped off int he main office. We already have caught in the act ticket winners for this school year and would love to start rewarding kids!


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Rake A Difference Day

Hello Friends,

It is that time of year again, can you believe it? Yes, now that we are back in school it does seem like fall may be on its way. So here we are, ready to Rake A Difference and help our local seniors. Please consider signing up a team or help by spreading the word to your friends and neighbors that may be interested in helping. Thanks much!

United Way of Southwest Michigan has launched this year’s annual Rake A Difference event.

Before winter hits, raking your yard and cleaning out your gutters is a vital step to ensure that spring snow melt does not cause water damage to your home or lawn. Many area seniors try to accomplish this work on their own, putting them at risk for falls and serious injury. United Way of Southwest Michigan is recruiting area volunteers to lend a hand this year for this rewarding event.

On Thursday, November 10, hundreds of area volunteers, working as teams, will help seniors in Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties rake and bag leaves and clean gutters as part of United Way’s 12th annual “Rake A Difference.” The service is FREE of charge and serves seniors, age 60 and older, who are unable to perform yard work and can't afford to pay for services. Seniors are helped on a first-come, first-served basis, dependent on the number of volunteers available.

This is a PERFECT volunteer opportunity for the following groups:

  • Companies
  • Business
  • Young Professionals
  • Fraternities/sororities
  • Organizations
  • Service groups
  • Churches
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Athletic teams
  • National Honor Societies
  • Key Clubs
  • Middle and high school youth groups
  • And MORE!!

Attached are flyers that you can use to spread the word and recruit volunteers. In 2021 there were 49 seniors that asked for help but we were unable to serve because we didn’t have enough volunteers. It would be GREAT to have more volunteers this year so we can serve everyone!!

If you have any questions please feel free to email Debbie Ramirez (our Director of Volunteer Engagement)

Volunteers can sign up at: Volunteer registration closes on Friday, October 14th.

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