Visual Effects

Sara Tanner


Visual Effects Artists utilize their keen eye for detail to present fashion in a stylized and attractive manner. Their purpose is to draw in consumers and flatter both the clothing and the model.
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Training & Qualifications

As there is a great range of visual effects involved in fashion, differing degrees are required. Some positions, such as make-up, need no college degree, though classes pertaining to this field are appreciated. In fact, most jobs in this field don't necessarily require college-education; the most important part is getting one's foot in the door and gaining experience (through internships and such).

Job Outlook

Salary depends entirely on whether you're hired (by a company or a studio), or a freelancer. Annual salary isn't set in stone, and what you get is what you manage to bring in.
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Earning Potential

This goes hand in hand with Job Outlook, but again, the sky is the limit. What a Visual Effects Artist can rake in each year depends entirely on the specifics of the work they get, and from whom they're getting paid.


Almost entirely disregarded, education after high school isn't a high priority. Sure, those classes that specialize in the field are a welcome experience, but a degree doesn't mean you have the eye for the job. Being good at the work is the most effective way to gain traction and business.
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