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Thinking about database ordering?

Students, staff and families depend on you to select the databases and products that fit their needs. With so many options, how do you make the best decisions for your school and/or district?


Database selection considerations:

  • Identify your needs. Your collection already includes, at no cost to you, products purchased by NOVEL NY and W-FL SLS. They provide a strong foundation on which to build your collection. Become familiar with what you already have before duplicating content.
  • Seek input. Ask staff -- including counselors and resource room teachers -- for suggestions. You may already have what they're looking for! At the same time, don't feel pressured to make a purchase based on one person's opinion.
  • Stick with the winners. Once you've found a database your students and staff like, keep it and look for additional products offered by the same vendor. The familiar layout will make it easy to navigate.
  • Keep it manageable. A portal jam-packed with databases, while impressive, might overwhelm students and staff. It's better to have fewer quality resources than inundate your patrons with too many options.
  • Technology integration. Look for resources that align with your district's student and staff accounts (Google or Microsoft), SSO platforms (Classlink or Clever) and LMS (Schoology).

Database Q & A

Q: Why do some online resource purchases go through SLS?

A: Products purchased through the online resource CoSer are eligible for state aid reimbursement and will appear in your school's database portal. Purchasing through the CoSer saves you time and money, and makes it possible for School Library System to provide product support.

Q: Does SLS determine database pricing?

A: No. SLS offers databases and resources that are offered through SCORE (SLS Consortium of Online Resources for Education). SCORE negotiates with vendors to get the lowest prices possible.

Q: Are SLS databases compliant with student data privacy regulations?

A: Yes! Vendors participating in SCORE adhere to Ed Law 2-d.

Q: When will SLS send the database order forms?

A: Soon! The database order form prices are typically sent to school librarians and business administrators in February.

Your Collection Begins with NOVEL NY Selections:

Your collection is enhanced by SLS-provided resources:

What's next?

After exploring what you already have available, you might want to add some products to fill in any gaps or boost a particular subject area. That's where the database order form comes in! We'll be sharing trial information soon so you can test drive and compare products.

Sometimes it's helpful to talk through the process with another person ... that's what we're here for! Please let us know if you'd like to discuss the selection process or have questions about a specific product or service.