A World Without Water

could you imagine a world without it

benafits of water

We use water evrey day we use it when we take showers, want a drink(sometimes),or go swiming.Water has many benafits as you can see and those are just the things on the top of my head.

A world without water

If the world had no water what would you do.Water is part of our evry day life.Evryone uses it at least once a day wether takeing a shower or just getting a drink.Without water we wouldnt be alive.Water builds us up and without it we WILL be torn down.Remember use water wisly we wont hav it forever.

Water Cycle

The water cycle has many steps. These steps are Evaporation, Condensation, Precipatation,and Sublamation.Evaporation is when water is heated and rises into the air.Condensation is when the water forms a cloud.Precipatation is when the water falls as rain,snow,hail,or sleet.Sublamation is when ice evaporates without first turning into water.Evaporation,evaporation is when water gets to hot and rises into the sky creating clouds.Condensation,condensation is when evaporated water forms clouds. Precipatation, precipatation is when the water in the clouds gets to heavy and falls creating rain, snow,sleet,or hail.

water cycle song (she'll be comin round the mountain)

water travles in a circle yes it dose water travles in a cycle yes it dose it gose up as evaporation forms a cloud of condensation falls down as precipation the runs of (or sokes in) :)

solids, liqueds, and gases

When in different states molecules will move at different speed.When in the form of gas the molecules move fastet.When in a liqued molecules move slower. And when in a solid state molecules will move very little.

Quality & Quantity of water

We need water it is what builds us up.We use it evry day.When we take a shower,want a drink,or just go swiming.We need water but it could all go away if we dont use it wisely.If we have 1/3 of water to drink/fresh water and 3/4 of salt water do you think we will have that much left with all the people on Earth.Remember the quality of water is high but the quantity is low:).


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