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I hope you are headed into a relaxing weekend. I had the fortune of attending an AVID Conference this week and learned a great many things about the implementation of best practices in teaching. What was encouraging is the level of implementation we currently have at Churchill high school. We have many great things going for us and many new things to try out.

I hope you are well and truly enjoying your family. Please take time to enjoy them and hold them close.

Enjoy the weekend.


In The Know

4J Add/Drop Process - This information is meant to be a reminder of timelines regarding schedule changes as well as the drop and add process.

  1. The drop/add period ends on Monday of next week;
  2. Students can drop a class with parent permission until day 15 with nothing recorded on the transcript;
  3. After day 15, it will be more difficult to drop a class and both the class and either a WD or WF will be recorded on the transcript.
  4. Students will need to decide on graded versus P/NP at mid-term.

Please know that as we implement a new process we are treating concerns with flexibility. This is a period of transition and that as such we will be flexible in our implementation of the new administrative rule (AR). While we will not be ignoring the new AR, we simply must be flexible as we transition into a new way of doing business. In the end, our goal is to ensure a manageable pace of change related to partial credit and the newly adopted GRAAC AR.

Please let me know what questions you may have as I am happy to help in any way necessary.

Student Safety - If you or your student learn of a safety concern or threat outside of the school day it can be reported to SafeOregon. SafeOregon gives kids, parents, schools and their communities a way to report safety threats or potential acts of violence. Reports made to SafeOregon are promptly analyzed and forwarded to designated personnel who can provide further assistance in resolving reported incidents, including school administration. Reports can be made via the following site:

Military Recruiters - Please know that at Churchill high school and at all schools in 4j, we have strict rules for how these representatives contact students. I wanted to share the following protocols with you so that you were aware. Please also note that Military recruiters (MR) must comply with the same rules as college recruiters and representatives. Please rest assured that this process is followed.

  • Military recruiters/representatives are required to have the same access as Institutes of Higher Education, which is no more than once a trimester.
  • Institutes of Higher Education and Military Recruiters remain in the designated conference area, and do not walk our halls or outside areas.
  • We announce Military Recruiter visits in the same manner as we do Institutes of High Education.
  • Military Recruiters and Institutes of High Education are not to meet individually or privately with our students.
  • The contact person for Military Recruiters is the same person as the Institutes for High Education visits.

1Million Project

1Million Project - The 4J school district is participating in the 1Million Project. This means your student may be eligible to receive a free wireless device and free high-speed mobile Internet service (for up to four years) while in high school.

What you receive:

• 3GB per month of free high-speed wireless data. Unlimited data is available at 2G speeds if usage exceeds 3GB in a month

• A free smartphone, tablet, or hotspot device (device type depends on your school)

• Free hotspot capability and unlimited domestic calls/text while on smartphones (subject to district limitations)

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, you must not have reliable Internet access at home; or you have multiple students in the same household all working from a single computer; or have a slow Internet connection (i.e. dial up speeds) that is not adequate for completing homework assignments.

Why is Sprint and the 1Million Project Foundation providing mobile devices + Internet access through the 1Million Project?

To help high school students achieve their full potential by ensuring they have the connectivity necessary to succeed in school. This program is 100% free and the 1Million Project foundation will not capture any personal identifiable information about you or your family. Their purpose in providing Internet access is to help ensure students like you are able to study, learn, explore and complete your schoolwork from home. That’s it!

How do I sign up?

Contact the Finance Clerk (Ken Pimental) at your school to complete an application form.

Looking Forward

Sunday, 12/9

3:00–5:00 pm — International Human Rights Day Celebration

Monday, 12/10

Tuesday, 12/11

Wednesday, 12/12

Thursday, 12/13

10:00 am — Lane Community College Visit

4:00 pm — Site Council



7:45 am — Student of the Month Breakfast

Next Week...

12/17, 3:45 pm — Oregon Promise application Workshop

12/19, 3:45 pm — LCC Placement Testing

12/20 — Fire Drill (3rd period)

Lunch — Cookie Palooza Staff Appreciation

12/21 — Winter Assembly

12/24–1/5 ❄❅❆⛄ WINTER BREAK ❅❄


Churchill Athletic Events for December 10-22:

M - 12/10: No Events

T - 12/11: Girls Basketball at Sheldon: 515/515/645pm: JV and Frosh Released at 315pm/ Depart at 345pm ( 1 way drop)

Boys Basketball vs. Sheldon: 4/530/7pm: Frosh Released at 3pm

W - 12/12 Wrestling at Springfield Dual: 5pm Weigh in/ 6pm Match: No Early Release

TH - 12/13: No Events

F - 12/14: JV/V Girls Basketball vs. North Bend at 515/645pm: No Early Release

Boys Basketball at North Bend: 1245pm Release/ 115pm Depart

Swimming hosts Thurston at 330pm: 145pm Release

S - 12/15: F/JV Girls Bx at South Eugene at 230/4pm: Self Transport

M - 12/17: No Events

T - 12/18: Girls Basketball at Thurston: 515/645pm: JV 315pm Release/345pm Depart (one way drop)

Boys Basketball host Thurston: 4/530/7pm: Frosh Released at 3pm.

W - 12/19: No Events

Th - 12/20: Girls JV Basketball at Marist for 4pm game: 2pm Release/230pm Depart; Pick up at 7pm

Boys F/JV Basketball at Marist: Frosh at 4pm/ JV at 530pm: Release at 2pm/Depart at 230pm: Pick up at 7pm

Girls JV2 Basketball at Creswell for 730pm game: no early release: Load at 530pm/ Depart at 545pm: Round Trip Bus

Swimming at North Eugene: Release at 250pm/ Start time at 415pm

F - 12/21: Girls and Boys Varsity Basketball at Ashland: Girls at 515/ Boys at 645pm: 1130am Release/ Noon Depart

Wrestling: hosts Willamette: Weigh ins at 5pm/ Match start at 6pm (no Early Release)

S - 12/22: Girls JV Basketball at Junction City: 9am and Noon (Bus depart at 730am) (Bus pick up at 3pm)

Boys Frosh and JV basketball at Junction City: Frosh 930/Noon// JV1030 and 130pm: (Bus Departs at 730am) (Bus Pick up at 3pm)

Wrestling at Thurston Tournament: Self Transport: All Day


From Debbie Levy to Staff - Thank you for your patience and for helping make textbook checkout go so smoothly in the library. We checked out and renewed over 700 textbooks today! Special thanks to Keith Fjordbeck for delivering 21 (!) boxes of paper to the library, to Alison Conner from the 4J Library Services office for checking books out during 2 periods, to Lisa Iacovetta for sharing her TA, and to student Drew Fischer for stepping in and helping check out textbooks during 4 periods today! What a wonderful community we have at Churchill! I'm grateful to work with such caring colleagues and students.

Kudos to Julia Von Holt - Julia joined CHS late in the school year and has been nothing but flexible, adaptive, and positive. She stays later than she needs to in order to gain instructional knowledge from her peers and genuinely cares about the success of students. I am very thankful to have her on our staff.

From Kim Roellig - "Thank you so much to CHS families and staff for your generous donation of hygiene supplies. We are now well stocked with toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorants. Go Lancers!"

Just wanted to give a major affirmation to Marcos Alvarado, he saved the day by acting as an emergency translator for an IEP meeting today. He was on his way out the door when we caught him and stayed past his normal working hours to assist in a major way. Really impressed with the high quality of staff you have here at Churchill, top notch in our district.

Churchill High School

Excellence Everyday for Every Lancer!