Bullying Awareness

By: Aydin Parekh And Daniel Nikolaou


Bullying is an ongoing problem in the whole world. Bullying can happen from the classroom to the workroom. Bullying can happen at all ages and at any time. People that get bullied become depressed and start to feel lonely. There are different types of bullying but all hurt the same to the person that is being bullied. The different types are: Cyber Bullying, Physical Bullying, Verbal Bullying, Mental Bullying and Social Bullying.

Why Bullies Bully?

  • Bullies bully just to make themselves feel powerful over other students.
  • Bullies think bullying makes them more popular and think they will get more friends.
  • Some bullies get all their anger from at home.
  • Their home may be filled with shouting and angry people.
  • The bullies may just be copying what they hear or see.
  • Most bullies don't care about the people that their bullying's feelings.
  • Getting a big reaction out of the person that they are bullying makes them happier because they just hurt that person's feeling's.
  • Exactly what they aim to do.

It makes Bullies feel Powerful!

Bullying Stats

If you didn't believe me then here are some facts to show you that this is a big problem.