Pygmy Fainting Goats

By Hannah Haack

Goats in General

Goats are a type of typical farm animal that have a lot of personality. They were among the first animals to ever be domesticated, along with sheep. They were used for milk and hair, and later their hides were used for carrying things. Goats are considered bovines, along with animals like the cow and antelope.

Why do they faint?

Pygmy fainting goats are a breed of goats that "faint" when frightened or surprised. These pint-sized goats inherited a disease which causes the muscles to freeze, making the goat to topple over for about ten seconds. This does not hurt the goat, but can make them very vulnerable if predators are nearby.


Pygmy goats came from Africa in the 1950's. They weigh from about 50- 75 pounds, and stand 15-17 inches at the shoulders. The lifespan of the goat is from ten to eighteen years. They can be used for milk and meat production, but they are more commonly kept as pets. They enjoy foraging for greens, but can be fed hay and grain.


I rated this article a ten out of ten. It was very informative. The author sounded like she knew what she was talking about. It was a good- length article that was full of facts. It fully explained why goat's joints freeze and where they originated from. I recommend this article to anyone who is interested in small farm animals or heredity diseases.
If you're in a bad mood, watch this (Its very funny!) they are fainting goats...