Things to Know & Ways to Show!

A Focus on the Social Studies Process Skills


Please sign in and grab a post-it. Write down 3 skills you think your students should master before moving on to the next grade level. Be prepared to discuss. We will begin shortly!
What is a Process Skill?

Use these instructions to brush up on the purpose and meaning of Process Skills.

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Know It, Show It, Do It!

Social Studies students have a STAAR/EOC in the 8th and 11th grades but the skills they learn at every other grade level contribute greatly to their success. Grades K-7 the skills social studies students learn, Process Skills as they are called, support learning and retention in all other areas of study. Of the 68 questions on the US History EOC, almost half of them were coded as 29B or 29H which includes such skills as analyzing, categorizing, sequencing, comparing and contrasting and summarizing to name a few. Let's focus on these very important skills in every grade level and see what happens!
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Process Skill Poster for your Classroom

Post these in your room for a constant reminder and to show students how it's done!

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Elementary Level Process Skill Menu

Applying and assessing process skill is as easy as choosing one from each column!

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LEISD Symbaloo

TONS of websites, articles, interactive student tools, and apps for Social Studies. Explore!