Top 5 Best Apps and Web Resources

Brianna and Michelle


Our Goal

In this hour we are hoping to spark your interest in new digital tools and web resources to increase student learning.

Moving Towards A 21 Century Learner

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1. this sight create interactive presentations that can be revisited any time by students. (Our presentation was created using smore.)

2. Write About This - Using this App teachers are able to customize writing promps to meet their students needs. This app helps students with writing, fluency, enunciation and punctutation. This app is both challenging and engaging for students of all levels. (There is a free version.)

3. Quick Voice- App- This used to record oral speaking. Teachers can read books or information for students. Students can record themselves reading for self-assessment and teacher assessment.

4. Shadow Puppet EDU - App- Easily create videos in the classroom. Students can make videos to tell stories, explain ideas or document their learning. (Free Now)

5. Kahoot- Web site only- Teachers can use this for as a check-up for student learning or assessment. Results are recorded and you can print them off. In Kahoot there are already pre-made questionaires and activities both in English and French.

Kahoot - Practice Survey