Team JOLT Monthly Newsletter

October 2015

Monthly Stats


1- Brittany Murphy - $985.00

2- Kara Mahan - $672.00

3- Jennifer Saunders - $611.00

4- Liz Guerra - $350.00

5- Felecia Moore - $243.00

6- Genevela Moon - $223.00

7- Nancy Perales - $202.00


1- Brittany and Kara tied with 2

2- Liz, Nancy, Felecia and Jennifer tied with 1


PV - $5,672.00

Parties - 11

Recruits - 0

Team Size - 15

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1- Brittany earned her 2nd AND 3rd Startswells and is on the way to her 4th!

2- Kara earned her 3rd Startswell and is on the way to her 4th!!

3- Everyone who took the time to attend a Share Your Gifts event

4- Team JOLT is in FIVE states!!! Can we add a 6th in October?

5- Almost time for spring! Mark your calendars for December 5th - Spring 2016 Premiere coming to a theater near you!!

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Favorite Button on TOT

You can make almost any page on TOT one of your favorites. How? When you get to a page you'd like to access more quickly (examples are Personalization, Startswell, Business Update, How to Market, etc) click the little open heart just to the right of the title at the top. The heart will fill in and become pink. Then, when you go back to your home page, scroll down to the bottom and you will see all your favorites listed. You can re-order them if you want from that page. This really helps speed things up when trying to navigate TOT quickly.
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Make sure you are working your October! This is one of the BEST months for selling. People are starting to think holidays and gift giving. Be their personal shopper! You can keep them out of the malls and help them give gifts that will be loved and appreciated. The special for ESTs for $10.00 make great teacher/babysitter/anyone gifts. I know Lolo's teacher is getting one!!
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