Animal Farm in the 10th grade

Keep Animal Farm in the 10th grade curriculum!

Animal Farm teaches our children important life lessons

A major theme that "Animal Farm" describes is what makes a good leader. It does this by placing an example of a controlling, tyrannic leader in the story and showing how his poor leadership skills cause conroversy and corruption on the farm.

Why is Animal Farm Challenged?

True, Animal Farm does have context about communism, and that is the main idea in the book, but it teaches our children about it and it shows them how bad it is the main type of leadership. They will learn about communism anyway since it is taught in history classes. It doesn't make sense to ban a book to protect them from learning about something bad when they are going to learn about it regardless.

Animal Farm has Great Educational Value

Animal Farm Teaches New Vocabulary and Increases Literacy Rates for our Children

With the use of advanced context and the maturity of the topic in the story, our children will benefit from the book in several ways. It will help them prepare for the SAT as well as increasing their writing ability which will help them get better grades in class.