British Literature with Mr. Owen

Julia Parker -- 2014 spring semester

What it means to be media literate

What most people think of when they hear the term media has changed dramatically in the last twenty years or so. In this day and age most people identify with the term media by understanding that it is now a means to connect with others. Media used to just be a means of getting information out to the public in the form of “breaking news” articles and television/radio newscasts, however, now it has evolved to include another layer of information which involves the community’s input on what’s going on around them. Now things like the 5 o’clock news must make room for new things like Facebook and Twitter. With these new forms of media comes a new language of sorts. Facebook and twitter require more concise news articles and involve a more targeted audience. This means that to use these sites and be a part of the evolution of media people have to become more media literate. I believe to be media literate one must think quickly in terms of what information they are trying to get across. If you don’t think on your feet, there will always be someone who will post it first which hurts you social credibility online. If you think about it this has always been going on. For example is Diane Sawyer picks up a news story before Brian Williams and gets it out to the public an hour before, people will be more inclined to trust World News and NBC would lose credibility as a good place to get information. Therefore to be media literate you have to understand just how quickly the internet works and you must keep up to stay in the game.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "A Hero's Welcome"

"A Hero's Welcome" Précis

Budweiser’s “A Hero’s Welcome” Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial, asserts that every American soldier deserves to be recognized by their country and reminded of how much the United States’ citizens love and appreciate their duties overseas. Budweiser backs up this assertion by organizing a welcome home parade specifically for one soldier in a small town, which they use as a standard for how ever soldier deserves to be welcomed. Budweiser’s purpose is to establish a feeling of adoration and respect for the troops of our nation into the American people in hopes of creating a connection of “warm & fuzzy” feelings and their product. Their goal is for an increase of sales to occur because more people feel that supporting Budweiser is helping support our troops.

Kinetic Typography


In plain text

I hate when people ask, "What's your guilty pleasure?" Because I hate the idea that there should be things that a person cannot openly enjoy because they worry about how others will judge them. Screw that. Dismiss any person in your life that makes you feel bad about the things that make you happy. If you're a 42 year old man and love Disney animation movies...AWESOME, and if you're a thirteen year old girl who adores Metallica...ROCK ON. I find it so ridiculous that we as a society put up with people that actually feel their opinion is valid in determining what should make you smile. NO NO NO. Understand that if you like it and it's not harming anyone else. Do it, because you're smile is yours alone and deserves to be shown and not hidden behind the fear of judgment from your peers. If they aren't supporting you, they don’t belong in your life.

Satirical News Report

Peachtree Ridge Senior Dies of Frustration

Julia Parker, Senior Reporter

Wed May 20, 2014

PEACHTREE RIDGE – A student is barred from exempting finals after caught pursuing higher education. He was so outraged after being confronted by his teachers who informed him he would have to suffer through almost two hours completing a test he was previously told he could exempt died this morning from what we believe to be pent up confusion and stress.

Administrators were called to room D214 to try and resolve the problem, but the student was exploding with confusion and anger as he had been told that as long as he attained an A in the class and only missed class 5 times during the semester he could be excused from the exam.

Unfortunately, because of information he was told during fall semester, this student was under the impression that as long as the absence was excused by the school it would not counted toward his exemption requirements. So he proceeded to go on college visits to the University of Kentucky, South Florida, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

Upon returning to school the student was not notified that he had lost his exemption privilege, so when exams at the end of the semester came up he was blindsided. Eye witness reports say he “fell to the floor in sobs and then proceeded to jump up which showed his eyes were bloodshot from the pressure buildup in his body. He then fell to the floor again, seemingly passed out.” He was pronounced dead three minutes after this.

Response to 1984

To the point where I have read I am really beginning to enjoy the book. I do believe that Orwell has accurately predicted our future to an extent, however, I also feel that a few ideas in his book are a little too out there to truly become a reality in this day and age. I would like to say this novel is an appropriate criticism of the government or rather which direction our government is headed, but at the same time I'd also like to have faith in the notion that we aren't as bad as Orwell is depicting. Unfortunately it seems as time goes on and more reports are open to the general public that this may just be wistful thinking on my part.


Looking back on this spring semester, I can honestly say that I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Taking in consideration how lazy I was these past months of my senior year I still feel I got a lot out of this class mainly from the discussions we were able to have. I was pleased at how respectful yet honest most of the class was when we would talk about rather heavy topics. I also really enjoyed the tangents you would go on about your generation versus ours, our standardized education system, and even how important it is to recognize what the beginnings of a dystopian society look like. I was fearful that I would be sitting in some drab class with no point just watching the clock in hope time would go by quicker, but in reality a lot of the things we learned this year really caught my interest. Obviously I was still annoyed that I was forced into this class after taking AP Lang, but you definitely made it worthwhile. Learning about précis and annotation a little bit in the beginning didn't kill me. The one thing I think could be done differently in the future is the Macbeth unit. I felt I didn't learn very much at all about this play and I was confused most of the time when we did cold readings. I wish I had a suggestion about how to make learning Shakespeare easier but hopefully you have other teaching tactics under your sleeve. I also believe making us discuss things aloud as a class would be much more beneficial than doing it electronically over schoology. I know that because this is a media literacy course we are supposed to do a lot of this online, but I feel it takes away from the actual conversation aspect of it because everyone is just worried about typing something up to get the grade. I am glad I was able to be a part of the beginning years of this new language arts course. I feel that as the years go on this course will get a stronger foundation and kids will begin to enjoy it more. You rock Mr. Owen!