Pine Hill Library News

November 2015

The Pine Hill Hummingbird Book Award to be Announced Soon!

Students in grades K - 2 have been looking closely and evaluating a set of books that I nominated for our 2nd annual Pine Hill Hummingbird Book Award Contest. A few of our nominees are shown below. We have been reading one or two of the nominees in library classes and discussing and comparing the books. The students and I generated a list of what we think makes a book an award winner. in other words, as we finish reading a book, what makes us sit back and say, "Now that was a good book! I want to read it again!"

Topping our list was humor - we like to laugh when we read a book! We also like when something unexpected happens. Another winning trait is when the author lets us, the reader, know information the characters in the story do not know. For example, we were squirming in our seats as we read Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett with illustrations by Jon Klassen. We couldn't believe the characters' bad luck as they dug around the biggest, most enticing gems we'd ever seen. We wanted to jump into the book and help them!

Having discussions about and noticing what we like in the books we read not only helps us become better readers, it also helps us become better writers. We can use some of the techniques from our favorite books in our own writing to draw our readers into the story. As you may have noticed I am enjoying this project as much as the students! We will announce and celebrate our 2015 Award winner soon!

Hour of Code Event - December 7 - 13

Students will have the opportunity to participate in's Hour of Code event at school next week. This annual event gives our students the opportunity to experience computer programming in an age-appropriate, highly engaging way. You can extend the fun at home by going to the Coding page on Pine Hill Libguides. There you will find a link to the Pine Hill Tech site along with many other links and videos to inspire children to explore coding.

Thank you, volunteers!

As any of you who have visited the library know, this is a busy place!! Thank you to the many volunteers who help me day in and day out.