Famous guide and translator


Sacagawea was born May,1788 in the Lemhi River Valley

in Salmon, Idaho.


Mother: unknown

Father: The Shoshone Chief

Siblings: Cameahwait

She had a husband named Toussaint Charbonneau and son named Jean Baptiste Charbonneau also known as Pomp.


Sacagawea had no education in her lifetime because they did not have school during that time period.

What She Did

Sacagawea, Lewis, and Clark interviewed several fur trappers who might be able to interpret or guide them on the expedition. She took them in order to divide the pacific coast for peace on other lands.

What She Was Remembered For

Sacagawea was remeberd for leading Lewis and Clack on their expedition. She was the only woman on the expedition. She became a famous guide and translator.


April 9 , 1884
The Story of Sacagawea


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