Scheck Family Religious school

Morah Revital Levy, First Grade Class

Shalom Dear Parents,

We hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends during the high holidays, and that our students were able to share their knowledge with you.

In class we are looking forward to start our first Hebrew workbook, learning the letters and practice reading and writing skills. Every week, we learn about the Torah Protion so your child will be able to share with you what they learn about Parshat Ha Shavuah (Torah Portion).

Shabbat Program

As you all know we are so excited and getting ready for our amazing Shabbat Propram to be held on Nov 6. Singing the Tefilot, blessing and Understanding themeaning of Shabbat is essential to transmit the legacy of the Jewish Heritage. Each student has some lines to practice at home, please help them( we will share them with you shortly). We are working hard for our event and we will have a lot of surprises for you.

Sign up as soon as you get the invitation in the mail or in the weekly newsletter. You can also contact Morah Gaby to let her know how many of you will attend the program.

If you have any questions please contact me by e-mail at any time or just call 954-599-6357


Morah Revital