Please stop laughing at me

A true story about Jodee Blanco


Please stop laughing at me is a book about a girl named jodee blanco band she started to get bullied in the fifth grade when she started to volunteer to help the special need kids and her so called best friend named jo ellen started to make fun of the special need kids with a bit of help so when jodee tried to stop them things start to escalate she starts getting picked on and used as a scapegoat so as the year ends she and her family move to a whole different are a and jodee goes to lots of schools and school after school she gets bullied, they put her cloths in the toilet, they call her names, they hit her with rocks, and even fill her mouth with snow. So as soon as she has had enough she cut her face with a knife and lost lots of pounds. When her parents start to get worried they go on a vacation and met lots of friends, but as she returns home they make fun of her body.
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character analysis

Jodee blanco is a girl that wants to be in with the popular crowd, be in a conversation with the cheerleaders, date a football player, be liked by everyone, she is pretty tough after being bullied for a few years and still not giving up.