uXcel Series Charger

A New Kind of Special Charger For Batteries

uXcel Series Charger - A New Kind of Special Charger For Batteries

-------by EverExceed Corporation

uXcel series charger is a new type of Phase-controlled rectification storage battery charging professional equipment. The charger adopts integrated circuit control whose control triggering board has high integration, strong function, high reliability(www.everexceed.com). The transformer, one important part of this equipment, adopts high strength wire which has high temperature resistant performance and achieves class H in insulation class. The power components adopt aluminum profile and thyristors.

The core technology of UXcel charger is thyristor phase-shifting control technology. Alternating current (ac) is step-down and isolated by the transformer, and is transformed to continuous adjustable dc output after treatment of rectification and wave filtration by thyristor rectifier bridge composed of thyristor rectifier

Single Phase Three Phase

Charger control circuit consists of the main control board and auxiliary relay control part and receives charging parameters set by the user through the liquid crystal and the keypad, such as charging voltage and charging current, limiting voltage and limiting current, etc. The parameters received can be converted into analog signals through the CPU and help PI regulator adjust the signal of voltage and current(www.everexceed.com). After the comparison between given signal and feedback signal, the PI regulator outputs a control voltage signal. The control voltage signal is sent to the main control board to control the trigger pulse. Main control board's another important function is to deal with all kinds of the protection feedback signals, and make the corresponding protective measures, and display the fault information.

The uXcel series charger's main circuit is simple, applicable to medium and large capacity of dc system. Compared to the early phased rectifier charger which is controlled by the discrete components, the uXcel series charger overcomes the weakness of single function and low degree of automation. At the same time, by further improving phased rectifier charger performance, with the improved proportional - integral - differential control algorithm, combined with the phase sequence on the adaptive function, data communication, and after a series of functions such as electrical soft starting and soft exit, uXcel series charger has been promoted to an rectifier charging equipment with excellent comprehensive performance.

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