What I Learned This 6 Weeks

This is what we learned this 6 weeks


When brainstorming for a story it's always helpful to use a graphic organizer. This can help to decide on or organize your ideas for the story or poem.

Revising and Editing

When revising and editing a story; you need to pay attention and look for any errors such as: grammatical mistakes, puntuations, capitalisation and correct spelling.

Importance of Plot and Setting

The plot and setting is very important in stories because with out the plot it wouldn't even be a story; you wouldn't have the main problem of the story the action or serious moments it'd most likely be a bunch of random events squished into a few paragraphs.

The setting is also important because if the reader didn't know where the character(s) was it'd be kind of boring. If

The Hunger Games didn't have any discriptions as to where Katnis was you wouldn't really be that intrigued would you?

Setting and Plot Development

Different Types of Point of View

There are quite a few types of POV (Point of views) thre of the most well known types would probably be 1st, 2nd and 3rd person. This can tell who is telling the story like if the narrator was telling the story or the main character; sometimes it could be someone completely out of the picture.