WANTED: Perry Smith

For the involvement in the murdering of the Clutter family

Physical Appearance

HEIGHT DESCRIPTION: Shorter than the average man

WEIGHT DESCRIPTION: Slightly overweight

HAIR / EYES: Brown / Brown

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Large torso but small legs. Very muscular upper body. Walks with a limp (due to motorcycle accident). Tattoos scattered over body.

(Pages 19, 20, 27, 56)

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Perry grew up under difficult circumstances. He was abandoned by his family and severely abused by caregivers. He never passed the third grade, but he has an incredible thirst for knowledge, vocabulary, and literature. He is surprisingly intelligent, having scored a 130 on his IQ Test. He is calm and gentle, and he seems to want love and acceptance, but he is eventually revealed to show a side of brutality.

(Pages 20, 21, 78-82, 89)

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Previous Criminal History

Perry Smith served years in Kansas State Penitentiary for stealing. He was cellmates with Dick Hickock, who is also believed to be involved in the murders of the Clutter family.
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After getting out of prison on parole, Perry meets up with Dick Hickock. Dick is blood thirsty, and convinced Perry to join him on a "score". Perry agrees because he thinks that he will be able to meet up with a friend and former cell-mate, Willie - Jay. After getting to Kansas, Perry is unsuccessful in meeting Willie - Jay, and so he reluctantly joins Dick on his "score". Dick wants to leave no witnesses and a lot of "hair" on the walls. By the time the bodies are found, Dick and Perry are back home, one in a hotel and the other at their parents house.

(Chapter 1: The Last To See Them Alive)