Toms River High School East

Newsletter - November 22, 2021

Dear Families,

I hope you had a lovely week and enjoyed the weekend! Great job to my Vikings for beating our rivals (Packers) yesterday! Needless to say, my Sunday was a beautiful day! I watched a few movies this weekend. Thumbs up for Disney's Jungle Cruise. I liked it better when it was called Raiders of the Lost Ark. However, Jungle Cruise was entertaining and I would recommend for the adventure! A little long, but good family movie!

Thanksgiving is the time of the year where we reflect on the things we appreciate about our lives! I am thankful for my friends and family and being the Principal of this wonderful school! I love the job, the kids, staff and our parents! I hope you enjoy this coming weekend!

Selfie Challenge!

I met with out Leader's Committee on Monday to discuss our November activity - Selfie Challenge. I informed the kids of the importance of building positive relationships through acts of kindness. I challenged the kids to introduce themselves to a peer or teacher they do not already know. Students were provided examples of how to find common interests and interesting facts about the other person. If comfortable, the pair of students would submit what they learned about their partner to TREtoday. I find it very important to create a caring school environment. The impacts will be significant to the social and academic outcomes of our children! Please encourage your child to extend his/her comfort zone and to participate in the activity!


Alexandria Kisseberth has been chosen as the school winner and High School Easts nominee for the Daughters of the American Revolution's Good Citizen Award. This Award recognizes the qualities of a good citizen, specifically Dependability (truthfulness, loyalty, and punctuality), Service (cooperation, courtesy, helpfulness, and responsibility), Leadership (personality, self control, responsibility), and Patriotism (unselfish interest in family, school, community, and nation). Alexandria's essay will be submitted to compete with other Good Citizen nominees at the state and national level. Good Luck Lexi!

College and Career Connections!

Ocean County Prosecutor, Mr. Bradley Billhimer, presented to students on careers in law and prosecution as part of our College and Career connection speakers on Tuesday!
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Freshman Field Day!

We held our annual Freshman Field Day on Wednesday to great success! Congratulations to TEAM Blue for their impressive victory in the athletic challenges! Teams competed in the Spirit Challenge, Tug of War, Beach Ball Relay, Relay Race, and the Hula Hoop Competition! I enjoyed watching the kids really have a good time! Thank you to all of our staff who made this event possible!

Thanksgiving Food Drive!

Our Ambassadors, Raiders Helping Raiders, Capones, Cherry Lane Daycare, Shutup and Eat in coordination with the Aiden Inteso Foundation and TRFC all donated food for the needy as part of our Raider Thanksgiving Food Drive! Special thanks to Mrs. Casey Daniel for all of her efforts to make this such a success!


Congratulations to our Seniors for their impressive victory at Powderpuff Wednesday evening! The kids were supported by a large crowd and of course, our cheerleaders! I always enjoy the halftime show! Great job to all of our kids for demonstrating Raider Pride!

Not In Our School!

Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Richard Fastnacht, presented on anti-bullying laws and shared school data with our team on Wednesday. We take tremendous pride in promoting pro-social behavior at East and thank Mr. Fastnacht for his time!

Peer Leadership!

Our Peer Leaders participated in a workshop Friday morning at East. We had a great day. We hosted 30 students who really were enthusiastic. We started the day with an icebreaker activity to have the kids get to know one another better. Then the upperclassmen led the underclassmen in a trust exercise, we broke them up into groups with students they did not know. Then they were blindfolded and given directions to find a hidden object exercising trust and communication. Afterwards, we discussed student questions while having a snack break. Students also engaged in a trust walk where the kids partnered up and informally interviewed one another. We concluded the workshop with some more group activities outside and a three-legged race. They loved the fresh air! Great job Mrs. Nadeau and Mrs. Pagano for all of your work to make this happen!

Thanksgiving Dinner!

On November 16, Toms River High School East's Hispanic Heritage and Spanish Clubs came together to celebrate diversity with a Thanksgiving Family Dinner. It was a night filled with music, food, and performances. Families brought dishes from their respective native countries. Teachers, counselors, principals, and other staff were present to serve food and to help out in general. Our Hispanic community represents an essential part of High School East and it is thankful for the opportunity to show our positive spirit.

Congressional App Challenge!

Justin Vletri and Kyle Glabicki rose to the challenge and created an educational App as part of the Congressional App Challenge. The App is called Ion Inc. and it was developed to teach children about the various forms of renewable energy. If selected, Justin and Kyle will receive an invitation to attend the House of Code in Washington, D.C. and will present their App! Good luck Justin and Kyle!

East is Committed to Move Forward!

On Friday, we held two Professional Learning Workshops at East. Select staff engaged in meaningful data evaluation and discussions of disruptive and insubordinate behavior and the impacts to effective instruction and student outcomes. The group identified specific strategies to address the behavior in support of student success. The objective of the other workshop was to begin the process of assessing recent district and state test results and to determine strategies to improve mathematical outcomes. The group discussed standards, school assessments, and made recommendations for our follow up workshop.

Our Climate and College and Career Connection Committees met this week to discuss future career presenters and schoolwide activities to keep morale positive! Great job! Our I & RS Committee also met to discuss tiered interventions to support at-risk student needs! Thank you! Our Equity Team met to discuss our participation in a Global Citizenship Workshop!

Toms River East Veterans Day Parade!

2021 Toms River Veterans Day Parade

Full STEAM Ahead!

Mrs. Stephanie Hines presented to all three Intermediate schools regarding our STEAM Academy at East. Take a look at the following link for the respective information:

Employee of the Week!

Congratulations to Mrs. Lisa Robbins and Mrs. Barbara Ennis for being selected as our Employee's of the Week! Mrs. Robbins and Mrs. Ennis both work in Guidance and do an incredible job balancing the demands! Mrs. Robbins is a leader and ensures the works is always done professionally! Mrs. Ennis supports the efforts through her kind and caring mindset! I really appreciate Mrs. Robbin's ability to handle multiple tasks so successfully while showing empathy to others while Mrs. Ennis just seems to ensure that Guidance is always moving forward! Great job ladies. You are both positive reflections of our school community!

NO PM VOC on Wednesday!

We are on a 1/2 day schedule on Wednesday prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday. PM Vocational students are not required to attend Vocational school that day.