E1 Unit 3B Curriculum Overview

Persuasion (3 weeks)

YAG - English I

This current unit is only 3 weeks in length. Consult the E1 YAG in order to see the SEs that are going to be covered within this unit.

TRS - TEKS resource system

Remember that our units are different than that of TRS.


You will be looking for TRS Unit 4 (PERSUASION). We also had 3 weeks of Persuasion during Q2, so this is the remainder of the unit.

FOCUSING on specific PAs for GPISD unit 3B - TRS (unit 4) PA#1, PA#2, PA#5*, PA#6* (*ongoing IRWN PAs)

Helpful Resources


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Intro To Persuasive Text using TV commercials

Intro video for persuasive techniques

This video is a compilation of 4 different commercials that employ different types of persuasive techniques. Could serve as a class discussion or explore activity of different marketing aspects.