Act 3, Scene 3

Nana Owusu


Romeo is hiding in Friar Lawrence's cell after fighting Tybalt. Friar tells Romeo that the Prince has declared that he's been exiled from Verona for the death of Tybalt. Devastated by his punishment, Romeo whines to Friar about how he wouldn't be able to see Juliet anymore, saying he would rather die than be banished. Friar greatly disagrees with Romeo when suddenly the Nurse knocks on the door and is invited in. Right when Romeo threatens to remove his name from his organs, the Nurse stops him and Friar points something out to Romeo. Friar tells Romeo that his greatest problem is that he's too emotional, impetuous, and fickle. He then reminds Romeo he should be happy that Juliet is alive, he didn't die in the fight with Tybalt, and the Prince didn't decide to kill him for killing Tybalt. Friar brings up a plan on how he's going to fix the problem. First, Romeo should go see and comfort Juliet, however he has to leave before the morning. Next Romeo has to go and wait in Mantua, while Friar begs forgiveness from the king, reconciles the Montague and Capulets, and announce Romeo and Juliet's marriage. Romeo can then return to Verona. Before Romeo leaves, the Nurse gives him a ring from Juliet, which comforts him.
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REM - Everybody hurts (with lyrics)

Summary for song

The song, Everybody Hurts by REM, represents this scene of the play. I chose this song because it explains a very similar explanation as to what happens in scene 3 of act 3. During scene 3, Romeo is dealing with the pain of his banishment because he won't be able to stay in Verona to see Juliet anymore, saying he would rather die. Romeo whines about his problems to Friar Lawrence, who tells him that he shouldn't die because he has a plan for how he's going to fix the problems taking place in the play. In the song, the singer describes how people have all different kinds of pain. Although the feeling of it is terrible, it doesn't mean they should quit. The song tells people to hold on when life gets tough.