Substitute Information

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Substitute Lesson Plans

Dear Substitute,
My lesson plans are located in a notebook with that title in the Computer Lab. Class lists are also located by day of the week in the basket. However, you may find that you cannot follow those plans due to the technology requirements. I have included alternative lesson plans for all grade levels in this subtub. This is computer time. Students come in with their teachers and choose books as they wish. They leave the books in a bin on the circulation desk and I check them out and deliver the next day.
We now have a rotating schedule for 5/6 and 7/8. The name of the current group is in the daily classes folder.
Lesson plans are organized by grade. Students in grades 2-8 can log into You will see illustrations in the lesson plan. Students access lessons and any needed links through Edmodo.
Students from K-1 can be logged on to If you go to TechLab you can access activities for every grade level. Students may also log on to school wide programs such as MyOn, SumDog, and iReady. Students know their log in and this would be a productive activity. Links are on the computer desktop.

Emergency Folders

The emergency folder is located above the phone in the lab. It includes directions for any type of emergency, class lists, student health emergency plans, and fire drill green sheets. Student information is confidential. Please read.

Schedule A 2014-2015

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