The Holocaust

The beginning

Many people wonder why it took so long for the world to respond to the Holocaust. One of the reasons it took so long for thew world to respond to the Holocaust was many people did not know what was happening, others didn't want to know what was happening and others knew but didn't care because it didn't affect them. The Holocaust took place January 13 1933 and ended May 8 1945. It was started by Adolf Hitler in Germany. The Nazis killed over sixty million Jews and destroyed at least five thousand Jewish communities. All Jews, even if they weren't imprisoned, had to wear a big yellow star that said "Jew" on it so they could quickly be identified.


Some Jews would hide the star on their clothing so they wouldn't have to forced in heavy work. The punishments for not wearing the star was imprisonment,they would be shot and killed right away, or they would be fined a certain amount of money. The people who caught the Jews not wearing the star or hiding it were called Catchers. When the Jews wore the star they were constantly persecuted.

Why nobody spoke against the Holocaust.

Many people also wonder why nobody spoke against the Holocaust. Most people in the Holocaust knew that if they said or did anything against the Holocaust they would be killed. The people who weren't Jews didn't say anything because they were afraid of what was going to happen next. The people were over ruled.


Why were the Nazis able to kill so many Jews without a fight or rebel? Many people knew that if they rebelled they would cause more trouble than there already was.They knew there would be a consequence such as death or hard labor. The Jews had to work in conditions that would lead to disease or serous injury.
Many people wonder why it took so long to respond to the Holocaust, why didn't the work do something before millions of people were killed? Maybe the world was stunned. for people who survived the Holocaust it left them horror stories. The Holocaust is one of the most memorable event in history today, it is important to know what went on so it will never happen again.