Basic to Bad-Ass Back Bends

Special Workshop Lead by Andrea Fotopoulos

About this class/workshop:

When I first started practicing yoga, some 20 odd years ago, backbending would bring up feelings of fear, nausea, lower back pain/discomfort and frustration. My back was just not meant to bend that way, I reasoned with my defeated self. My legs were not engaged, my arms were weak, my shoulders were tight and my heart was broken. Backbends did not change overnight, but with practice have become an expression of the strong work and dedication of engagement and articulation that I am learning to cultivate in my life.
Whether your relationship with backbending postures sounds like what I described above or not, practicing backbends is a vital part of a well rounded yoga practice. Keeping the spine mobile and capable of a full range of motion keeps us standing tall, moving well and feeling good as we age. In our yoga practice, it means practicing the other classes of poses with more clarity and depth so we are supported in this radical opening of our hearts.
In this 2.5 hour workshop, we will move from fundamental to more advanced variations of bows, defining some of the key actions to support your backbending practice. Through repetition of actions that create strength and flexibility, courage and freedom, we'll move from basic to bad ass backbends!


Join us this Saturday June 6th from 1:00 - 3:30pm for this event. Limited spaces, please pre-register through the link below.

Learn about being safe and strong and certain while practicing your backbends!

$30 sign up online :

About Andrea :

Andrea Fotopoulos is a Boston based "Anusara-Inspired" yoga teacher. Inspired by the wildness of living an embodied life, she teaches a practice focused on articulation of alignment and empowerment through one's own experience. Andrea believes that the practice on the mat can be a powerful tool for living life and delivers her classes from that belief. With a sense of joyful playfulness and humor, she cultivates a space for each individual student while creating a strong sense of community.
As for her own experience, Andrea has been a student of yoga since 1995 and teaching since 2004 with an accumulated 1000+ hrs. of education-which continues to grow. Her teaching is heavily shaped by Anusara Yoga, the philosophy of Tantra and the legends, stories and myths from many cultures. She draws her inspiration from the skills of John Friend, Noah Maze, Christina Sell, Darren Rhodes and Douglas Brooks, as well as her own family and friends.