Mass genocide in Darfur.

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what is it?

The "Darfur genocide" Is the murder of innocent men, women and children of western Sudan. Run by a government funded group "tanjaweed", which translates to devils on horseback, has been tourturing, poisoning, raping, beating, and slaughtering civilians since 2003.

who does this effect?

this effects all of Sudan. A militant group funded by Sudan's government targets and slaughters the inhabitants of the Darfur region. It targets the citizens and their villages.

why should their be a memorial?

Better question is why not to put a monument. The citizens of Darfur have suffered more than we could possibly imagine. Families slaughtered, life's work destroyed, villages burned to the ground. It's all happened under orders of their own government. most of the world doesn't even know that 480000 people have died. There is nothing to remember the brave citizens except their pain and suffering.

where should the memorial be placed?

It should be in Northern Darfur, in the capital of Khartoum. In where the government first started mass murdering their own citizens. The first village to be the start of mass genocide in Darfur. Outside in the dead center of the town so everyone will be able to see it

what are the hopes for the memorial?

My hope is that people actually know that this happened. In such an insignificant place so many people died there. it's very hard to communicate all over the world so the goal of the monument is to educate people of what is happening in Darfur.